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Olympic Gold Medalist Meagan Duhamel Raises Awareness on Korean Meat Dog Industry

Last year, Canadian figure skater Meagan Duhamel has adopted a rescue dog and now she’s also trying to awareness on the Korean dog meat industry in the process.

Now, after winning the gold medal in PyeongChang, Duhamel’s work is not done yet.

Apparently, the 32-year-old is also working as a flight volunteer to fly dog meat farm canines to their adopted families in Canada. She also said that she will continue her volunteer work after the PyeongChang Games are over.


CTV News

This is not her first trip to PyeongChang as she attended the Four Continents Figure Skating World Championship in February last year.

Ed Park, Free Korean Dogs founder, said that Duhamel saw Moo-tae’s face for the first time and read the dog’s story on their website, the gold medalist knew that she wasn’t going to adopt the dog.

“Since then she has become an amazing supporter of Free Korean Dogs,” he said.

Park brought the dog to Duhamel last year, even driving eight hours to PyeongChang to see her, but it was really a match made in heaven. They later met two days later, this time at the Incheon Airport, where Duhamel brought along the dog to his new home in Canada.


CBS Sacramento

For her part, Duhamel is clearly enamored with the dog. Moo-tae even sits down while the Olympian is practicing meditation.

“He brings a very special energy,” Duhamel said. “I meditate every day, and he sits beside me patiently while I meditate. I don’t know if he was trained to do that.

Meanwhile, she can now spend more time with Moo-tae because Duhamel is retiring after three Olympic gold medals to her name. After PyeongChang, she and her partner Eric Radford are going to fulfill their commitments in Australia, Japan and Canada until May this year.


CTV News

“And that’s when things will settle down and I’ll decide what I want to do for the rest of my life,” she added.