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Austria’s Marcel Hirscher Wins Gold in the Olympics

Marcel Hirscher was sure he knew the answer to the question, “Do you need an Olympic gold medal to validate your otherwise-perfect skiing career?” – and the answer was a “no.” But the incessant echo of that question started to bother him anyway.

When asked about how often he was met with the question, he said with a smile, “Ev-e-ry day.”but now, Hirscher will not have to be bothered by that question anymore since finally, he is an Olympic champion.

The 28-year-old Olympian used a sublime run on an icy course to rise from 12th after the opening downhill in the two-run competition, and added his Olympic victory to his notable collection of accolades.  Prior to winning his Olympic gold medal, he has already held four individual world championship golds and a record for six consecutive overall World Cup titles.

“I’m super happy, because now this stupid question has gone away,” Hirscher said, before keenly saying, “Now The Question is Zzzzzzztt. Deleted.”

Hirscher completed the race in 2 minutes, 6.52 seconds. This made him 0.23 seconds faster than Alexis Pinturault of France, who was the silver medalist. Victor Muffat-Jeandet, another French-national, finished third, over a full second behind Hirscher.

Just two weeks ago, Hirscher said that he wasn’t even sure about whether entering the combined was worth it. One reason for this was that it would take up training time that he could use for his better events, and the other reason was that he had not been on downhill skis in a year.

Hirscher was met with adversity during his second run in the slalom, but he was able to overcome that anyway. And while the Olympian had always insisted that there was no need to burnish his legacy, he sure seemed happy when he got up the podium during a flower ceremony.