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American Luger Emily Sweeney Crashed in the Final Heat of the Competition

American luger Emily Sweeney got into a crash and was knocked out of the Winter Olympics on Tuesday. The crash happened during the final run of the competition. Despite what happened, Sweeny was still lucky that she was able to avoid serious injury.

According to the diagnosis, Sweeny had only some bruises and bumps. “I’m OK,” she said.

By Wednesday, Sweeny still had back pain, and was being observed by USA Luge’s medical staff. Sweeny was doing well according to the USA Luge, and she was being visited by her parents in the Athletes’ village.

Curve 9, which was the track’s most hazardous spot, was where Sweeny lost control. After that, she careened all over the track.

Sweeney slid feet-first up one curve toward the roof of the track, after which she was hurled from her sled. She eventually tumbled to a stop.

A lot of the members of the crowd were horrified as they looked at the monitors. The stands were teeming with fans who were cheering loudly, and then suddenly they went silent, waiting for an indication that Sweeney would be just fine.

It took a couple of minutes for Sweeney to be able to stand, and then some more before she could begin walking slowly towards the finish area – while being surrounded by team and medical staff.

“I’ve never been so relieved than when I saw her getting up and walking,” said Summer Britcher, Sweeney’s teammate, as she held back her tears.

This was Sweeney’s first Olympics.

Curve 9 has been problematic for sliders throughout the first part of the Olympics, causing a lot of them to lose some time, lose control, or to skid. However, crashes have not occurred as frequently as they did back in the 2006 and 2010 Olympics.

Britcher also lost control and struck control at the start of the final run. However, she was able to get down the track with crashing.