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After Beating Sofia Goggia, Lindey Vonn Gets Her 80th World Cup Victory

Lindsey Vonn has beaten her rival Sofia Goggia, giving Vonn a career total of 80 World Cup wins. Vonn has triumphed over Goggia by less than a second.

However, Vonn’s elation was tempered by a crash that led her teammate Jacqueline Wiles to be eliminated from the Olympics. Wiles sustained a knee injury, which brought on the need to transport her off the hill using a helicopter.

Just a while after Vonn finished her run, she saw on a video screen how her teammate lost balance and fell.

“It was really hard to actually be happy and excited and celebrate because Jackie is in the hospital,” Vonn talked about Wiles, who has been receiving financial assistance from Vonn’s foundation.

Vonn’s run was solid, but she did not appear to test the limits as she trailed behind Goggia at the last split time. However this deficit was overcome by Vonn in the final section.

“I definitely skied aggressively, don’t get me wrong, but I didn’t leave all the cards on the table,” Vonn explained. “I hold those extra aces for the Olympics.”

Vonn is only six world cups away from the all-time record that was made by Ingemar Stenmark during the 1980s.

“It’s a big number,” Vonn talked about her 80 World Cups. “I remember when I got my 50th here, I never thought I would even get close to Annemarie Moser-Proell’s record [of 62 wins], and now I am getting close to Stenmark’s. It’s incredible.”

Only Vonn and Goggia are the ones who won a downhill victory more than once this season. Vonn is expecting another close fight with Goggia in one more downhill on the Kandahar course, which is set to take place on Sunday. This is the last World Cup race before the start of the Olympics.

“She is always risking everything; she’s the person that I have to beat,” said Vonn about Goggia.