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LeBron James is Playing 82 Games this Season after Fixing His Back

After a weak gameplay the past seasons, all-time player LeBron James is back to prove he is the player everyone should watch out for. He might not have talked much about his overall health condition but James is making a comeback and this time, he intends to make it big.

Not known to many, James has suffered from lower back issues that almost derailed his performance at every game. It was knocking off his strength and making it harder for him to put a bounce with every move. Not talking about them didn’t help either as he found it harder to outdo every game performance. But as with every athlete, he tried his best with every game.

This season though, it’s hard to figure how he could have come back well and strong. Not every athlete can go through the pains of an injury and improve his overall standing. But the three-time MVP proves he is not someone to mess with.

James’ performance has been great all season with midair steals and windmill dunks that would make you think if he ever had an injury. People have been constantly amazed by his overall performance and this year, people are starting to pull out old videos from his previous years for comparison.

With his recent games, James was able to pull off a career high score of 57 points in a single game. And as of February this year, he has gained a triple-double average in a month. James has said many times that he has never felt so good about his basketball performance and gameplay.

So what is the secret of LeBron James secret to his surprising recovery? There is no other than Cav’s biomechanics and personal trainer Donnie Raimon. His work has been left unnoticed in the media as he works behind every player. He has been James’ personal specialist working him overcome his back problems.