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Cavalier’s Kevin Love Reveals His Struggles with Anxiety

Kevin Love has recently revealed how he struggled with anxiety and panic attacks and his fans are in all support for his efforts.


The team forward told his story in an essay featured in the Player’s Tribune entitled, “Everyone is going through something”. He says he has struggled with panic and anxiety attacks problem over the last couple of years and kept his silence because he was afraid to accept the truth about his mental anguish.


His story was featured in EdGlen Today and he says, “Everybody has things that you can’t see, you can’t touch, that they’re walking with everyday. We need to beat down that stigma about mental health and be able to come out and talk about it.”


Love’s strong message about mental health was picked up by his fans and he says that he has received more than 4,000 messages since opening up about his anxiety attacks.


The 5-time All Star champion decided to reveal his mental health condition after he suffered consecutive episodes in the last few months. Love has talked to the media about the particular meltdown he experienced last Nov. 5.


He said that he was experiencing so much family stress and hadn’t slept well in the past days. After being called for a timeout during a game, he couldn’t catch his breath and his heart started racing.


Daily Mail UK wrote about the incident where he said, “It’s hard to describe, but everything was spinning like my brain was trying to climb out of my head.” He also adds, “The air felt thick and heavy. My mouth was like chalk. I remember our assistant coach yelling something about a defensive set. I nodded, but I didn’t hear much of what he said. By that point, I was freaking out.”


Love was also encouraged to come out because of Toronto All-Star player, DeMar DeRozan’s recent revelation about his bouts of depression. The team and his fans are in all support for Love’s courage and salute his courage to fight his own demons.