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Kevin Durant Plays Down In-Game Trash Talk Vs Russell Westbrook

Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, former teammates and friends, were jawing at each other during the Warriors loss to the Thunder on Wednesday.

Right after the game, the 6-11 forward dismissed suggestions that the beef with Westbrook only gotten worse instead of better. He told reporters that the trash talking should not be blown up to make a story because it’s not just about two players.

“The story’s about the game,” Durant said. “They kicked our ass, they played a great game. You should give them credit for how they played, and we should be better. It’s not about who’s in each other’s faces.”

He said all that stuff about the trash talking and the forehead-bumping is “not real.”

The Warriors suffered a beat down at the hands of the Thunder, 108-91, led by Westbrook’s 34 points, 10 rebounds and nine assists. Paul George and Carmelo Anthony chipped in 20 and 22 points, respectively.

Durant, for his part, scored 21 points, grabbed five rebounds and dished out two assists. The Warriors were led by Stephen Curry’s 24-point and six-assist performance.

There was already drama even before the Thunder and Warriors matchup, no thanks to Durant’s bizarre tweets where he referred to himself in the third person as he proceeded to bash the Thunder organization, coach Billy Donovan and his teammates.

When a fan asked him to provide a good reason for leaving the team other than winning a championship, Durant replied that the Thunder’s roster was bad when it was “just him and Russ.” He said he couldn’t win a championship with his teammates. The tweets have since been deleted but the damaged has been done.

Westbrook, meanwhile, said the trash talking and the jawing are all part of the game.  He also said that he plays the same way every night whether they face the Warriors, Detroit or the Mavericks. “On the court, I have no friends. Only friend I have is the basketball, that’s it … and obviously, my teammates,” the 6-4 point guard said.