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With Juventus, Netflix Might Have Made The Best Sports Documentary Ever

Netflix has proven revolutionary with its original content before, but with a new sports docuseries produced by the streaming platform, they might have just topped themselves!  The company is blessing the soccer world with First Team: Juventus, which follows Juventus Football Club for an entire season.

More Than A Soccer Story

This is not your run of the mill sports story. This 3-episode documentary follows the historic Italian team on and off the field. Viewers get as much insight into each player’s home life as they get into the locker room.

Instagram/ Juventus Football Club

This team is more of a culture than a sports organization. Fans are family. Rivalries are fierce, and players and fans alike have displayed resilient dedication to the club. What else makes it worth watching?

A Dramatic Club

Gianluigi Buffon, the 40-year-old goalkeeper who has spent 17 years with the club, plays a large role in the documentary.

Instagram/ Gianluigi Buffon

While many would like to leave controversies in the past, the club was forever changed by a scandal in the early 2000s that saw the club stripped of one of its titles due to circumstances beyond the control of players and fans. Although that was many years ago, the scandal is a shadow that still looms over the club. The documentary was also filmed at a great time.

A Dramatic Year

The documentary covers the 2016 season, which was an eventful one. Juventus won Serie A that year and had high hopes of winning the Champions League as well. Spoiler alert: Bayern Munich knocked the Italian club out of the competition in round 16.

Instagram/ Juventus Football Club

Whether you’re a fan of soccer or just a fan of a great story, First Team: Juventus is so good you won’t mind reading the captions (though it’s also available in English). It’s available for streaming now!

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