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Cleveland’s Josh Gordon Says Drugs, Alcohol a ‘Ritual’ Prior to Games

Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon has revealed that he’s been using drugs or drinking alcohol virtually before every game in the NFL.

During an interview with GQ, he said that during home games, the players are allowed to go back to their homes, bring what they require back to the hotel where the whole team is staying. His own ritual involves leaving the hotel early in the morning, eat breakfast in his house and do his little ritual, which he admitted involves  alcohol and weed.

After every game, win or lose, Gordon can be seen partying.

He also hinted that the team had some inkling about his off-court issues although they are not really sure what.

“I’m sure they had their doubts. [I] missed a lot of meetings, showed up late a lot of times, eyes were probably bloodshot on many occasions,” he said, adding that he was “evasive” enough for the team to dismiss the doubts. Besides, he was never reprimanded by the team, which made him think that he got away with it.

The 26-year-old claimed that he started taking drugs back in the seventh grade and never stopped since then. His extra-curricular activities didn’t seem to affect him since he ld the NFL in receiving yards through 14 games in 2013, said ESPN.

However, Gordon insisted that he’s clean now because he voluntarily went into rehab to cleanse his body from the toxins and help him with the cravings. He said that he realized that nobody will help him except himself, and if he continued with his trajectory he will die.

Coach Hue Jackson of the Browns viewed the interview as a catharsis for Gordon, something he had to do for himself. “I think he was cleansing himself of his past, and I get that, a little bit,” he told ESPN.

Gordon will be eligible to play against the Chargers in Week 13 on Dec. 3.