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A Close Look at Jordan Spieth’s Air as He Falls behind Patrick Reed

Golf player Jordan Spieth may be a master of disguise when it comes to hiding his frustrations, but his demeanor following the fall behind Patrick Reed cannot be masked even as he puts a straight face in front of everyone.

You can get a slight glimpse of how disheartened he was during the first tee where he seemed to be falling off his eagerness as the front nine carried on. Walking through the fairways, Spieth’s anger seemed to mount up as he can sometimes be seen with a distant look and his mind wandering off to unpleasant thoughts.

By the end of the 16th hole 3-down, Spieth clearly showed some signs of frustration as he expressed some clear signs of disapproval with a headshake thrown against the wind, even as the crowd urged him to get going.

GolfWorld featured the story where Steve Sand’s from Golf Channel asked for a quick interview. The news agency reported Spieth saying some lingering words that went, “Ummm. Yeah, that’s fine.”

Spieth had an underwhelming 2&1 loss during round three of the World Golf Championships-Dell Match Play held at the Austin Country Club last month. But despite hiding his real emotions behind his irksome loss, he was still able to sign over a hundred autographs from the crowd.

He signed hats, Dell posters, t-shirts and several other game memorabilia. One kid screamed for his name, calling him “Mr. Spieth”, and according to Yahoo! Sports, the golfer was quick to reply with, “I don’t have anything to give away, no hats or gloves, but I’m happy to sign.”

A post-match interview concluded the miserable day for Spieth where he answered a question about being ready for the Masters. He says in a melancholic way, “I’m not sure. I’m not sure right now.”