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Johnny Manziel Throws at San Diego’s Pro Day, Hints on Making a Comeback

Former Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel made it to the news again and this time he pitched in front of 13 NFL teams last Thursday. This is not the first time Manziel took part in the said event, but he also threw in during the 2014 Aggies’ pro day and ended up being drafted with Cleveland Browns.

Following a few on-field successes and several controversies, Manziel’s career went into a downward spiral as he revealed a bipolar diagnosis. He came under fire for his unprofessional behavior both on and off the court. The former Texas A&M star also revealed how he self-medicated his condition with alcohol.

Manziel is now trying to make a comeback and has been working closely with George Whitfield, San Diego’s quarterback coach. USD draft prospects Justin Priest and Ross Dwelley, asked the former NFL star if he could throw in for them during the NFL Scouting last Thursday, to which Manziel gladly agreed.

Los Angeles Times featured the story with Manziel saying that his efforts were “far from perfect” but later relayed that he enjoyed taking part in the said event. He posted on his Twitter account saying, “Much love to @USDFootball for letting me come out today. Also big thanks to @justinpriest8 and @RossDwelley for asking me to come throw.”

Photos of the former legend working out with the NFL scouts made headlines around sports news agencies. This is the first time Manziel has made a public appearance since he competed for the Browns and ended up making a 2-4 record during the 2015 NFL games.

TMZ interviewed Manziel last February and he says, “I felt like the end of the world was near and that I would never make it out.” Manziel started talking about his mental health condition and even relayed in Good Morning America that he is starting to look into his mental health and making it a priority.