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Johnny Manziel Is Back – Should We Be Excited?

Johnny Manziel’s two-season stint at the Cleveland Browns is unlikely to be remembered with fondness by the player, the team, or the fans.

A Personal Disaster

Johnny’s on-field time at the Browns can best be described as inconsistent. Despite breaking the franchise record for rushing the most years in a single game as a quarterback – most of his performances were forgettable.


However, off the field, Manziel was even worse. In 2013, during the offseason, he caused a bit of a stir when he was investigated for selling autographs. In 2015, he threw a water bottle at a fan but was not charged.

Things Got Worse

Then in the 2015 season, he was pulled over in traffic for fighting with his girlfriend. He wasn’t charged but he admitted to being drunk. He was then demoted to the Browns’ bench when a video emerged of him partying when he should have been sleeping.

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Finally, in 2016, he was ditched by his agent, his sponsor and the Browns when he was charged with domestic violence and accused of drug abuse.

Now, He’s Back

Manziel has joined the Spring League and is hoping for a second shot at the NFL. He appears contrite and says, “No matter where I end up, no matter what happens football-wise, at least my life – at least I’ve repaired a lot of relationships that needed work.”


“I’ve repaired a lot of myself that needed a lot of work and I’m able to run back onto the field, something I didn’t know if I’d get a chance to do again.”

His first game in the Spring League, however, saw him make a fairly anonymous contribution to his side’s performance. He’ll have to step up if he wants to get back into the NFL. He has a lot to prove.

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