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Is Indianapolis Colts QB Andrew Luck on his Way Out?

Has Colts owner Jim Irsay already lost confidence on Andrew Luck?

Coach Tony Dungy claimed that Irsay has relayed to him that the injury suffered by Luck is already getting into his head.

The remark was made when Dungy was at the Dan Patrick radio show and was asked about the Luck situation. He said, “I don’t know what’s going on there, I really don’t. Is he going to play? Jim Irsay made a comment about six weeks ago, ‘You know, it’s inside his head now.'”

Patrick caught the comment and asked Dungy to repeat what he said. The former Colts coach confirmed that Irsay made the observation to him during the Peyton Manning’s ceremony.

“Yeah, he said that I guess when I was up there for Peyton’s [Manning’s] ceremony,” Dungy said.

However, Dungy later explained that he never claimed during the interview that Irsay personally made the remark to him regarding the quarterback.

ESPN said that the last time Irsay has made public his opinion regarding Luck was during an interview with reporters back on Aug. 31 where he observed that the biggest challenge for the Colts quarterback is all mental.

“You have to be able to deal with this, not only physically, but mentally. I have no doubt that Andrew Luck, the person we know that he is, he’s going to come through this thing,” he said.

Irsay added that he’s been in constant communication with his quarterback on the timetable and how he’s feeling throughout the rehab process. The Colts shut down Luck for the season as he was placed on the injured reserve list last week.

Luck was rehabbing his shoulder injury for the better part of the year after he underwent an injury in January this year. He practiced with the team recently and complained of persistent pain. After a cortisone shot and meeting with his doctor, he was finally shut down for good.