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Top High School Player and NBA Prospect Booked on Sexual Assault Charges

Emmitt Williams, considered to be one of the top high school power forwards in the country, has been booked for sexual battery and false imprisonment this past Wednesday morning.

The 6-8 star player for Oak Ridge High in Orlando, FL has received offers from Florida, Duke, Kansas, Louisville, Florida State, Vanderbilt and Alabama.

The ESPN ranked Williams at No. 20 in the Class of 2018.

According to the report, Williams was hanging out in a female friend’s house. The complaint claimed in her affidavit that he told the NBA prospect that she wanted to pick up another friend. However, Williams reportedly forced her to stay and started groping her. The woman insisted that she did not want to have sex with him.

Instead of listening, however, Williams pulled her pants down and forced himself on the complainant.

The website of the Florida Gators claimed that the power forward has been deciding on final seven schools, which include the team, Duke, Kansas, Miami, USC, Oregon, and LSU. He is considered a five-star prospect, which only lists down the highest rated high school recruits in the country.

Reportedly, he had scheduled a visit to the Gators this week, which obviously may not happen. The 19-year-old Williams is detained on a $3,500 bail.

Even if his handles are suspect, Williams has built a reputation for having a very high motor. According to scout reports, he also has a potential to be a lockdown defender because of his 6-11 wingspan and athleticism. He doesn’t have the grace of the gazelle, but rather the blunt force of a hammer. Few high school players can stand up to his strength.

Nevertheless, it’s not clear how Williams’ arrest for sexual battery will affect his recruitment. To date, no school actively recruiting the 19-year-old has released a statement regarding their interest.