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Hamilton Addresses CBS Interview After Florida State’s Loss to Michigan

Florida State coach Leonard Hamilton has been under fire after telling CBS reporter Dana Jacobson that he decided not to foul while Michigan Wolverines were up 58-54 with still a few seconds to go because “the game was over.”

With just 13 seconds remaining on the clock, Duncan Robinson pulled down a rebound off a missed three-pointer from PJ Savoy. Florida State allowed Robinson to just dribble the ball until the buzzer sounded.

After the game, Jacobson asked Hamilton whether or not he thought that Seminoles could have played differently during the last moments of the game. When the coach said that “the game was over,” the reporter followed it up with a question on whether he thought there was still a chance with 15 seconds in the game.

“You mean with 15 seconds on the clock? What were we down?” the coach said.

However, he credited Michigan for their “great game plan” which allowed Florida State to turn the ball over 14 times in the first half alone.

“That was uncharacteristic of our team, and I think you need to give them credit for what they did,” he said. “Our kids fought our butts off to get back in a position where they had a chance to win.”

Despite the classy praise from Hamilton, people were still talking about his decision not to foul near the end of the game, and for thinking that the game was over by then.

Now, Hamilton has issued a statement which sought to give context to his statement during the live interview.

“The combination of the drama and the raw emotion of athletics and the critical analysis of it make for compelling television but not always for level-headed interviews with participants who must immediately manage both,” he wrote. “I wish I could have done better.”

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