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Haas Boss Wants Liberty Media to Be Transparent With F1 Plans

Liberty Media should not hold the rest of the teams’ hostage with its lack of transparency on its plans for F1 Racing after 2020 when most of the agreements would have expired.

Haas boss Guenther Steiner told ESPN that they expect Liberty to at least give them a glimpse of the blueprint of their future plans. He said the new owners should meet up with the teams “as soon as possible.”

Steiner said that he’s not trying to tell Liberty how to do its job. But they need to know about the sweeping changes or if the F1 rules will remain the same so they could make the necessary adjustments.

“Let us know about the engine, let us know about the engine cap, let us know about revenue distribution because we need to know so everyone can make their decisions on where they want to be in 2021,” he said.

F1 Sporting chief Ross Brawn already offered some insights of the possible changes in the game. The most contentious seems to be the engine as the building one is very expensive and complicated. He said cutting down the cost of the engine parts will eliminate the need for penalties on changing components on the grid.

“If a homologated off-the-shelf turbo costs $3,000, it doesn’t matter how many are used in the season,” he had said.

There were also some cost-cutting proposals that had Ferrari chairman Sergio Marchionne so angry that he threatened to pull out of the race altogether.

Mercedes is also joining the chorus of teams protesting the new direction Liberty Media is taking. Racing boss Toto Wolff said that in the first year, the new owners did not show anything that inspires confidence about where the circuit is going.

Wolff also said the teams were not informed “where the journey is going” and everybody knows “that sales and profits have fallen sharply.”