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Patriot Gronkowski Burglarized During Super Bowl, Suspect Apprehended

Patriot tight end Rob Gronkowski made a surprising discovery after the Super Bowl Championship in Minneapolis last Friday. His house was burglarized just hours before returning from the event.

olice officers were able to apprehend the suspect who was later identified as Anthony Almeida. The 31-year old suspect from Randolph was apprehended after police officers were able to secure a search warrant.  He is currently facing charges including felony charges of burglary, two counts of receiving stolen property, and malicious destruction of stolen property.

Almeida faced the court last Friday at Wrentham District Court. His two other accomplices are still at large and police officers continue to search for them. Almeida was in cohorts with Shayne Denn, 26, from Tewksbury, and Eric Tyrell, 28, from Foxborough. The two other suspects are still at large as of reporting.

Pieces of evidence gathered by crime investigators showed that the burglary took place at around 8:50 pm while Gronkowski was playing at the Super Bowl Championship with the Patriot’s versus the Eagles. Reports showed that Almeida and his accomplices entered the house during the third quarter of the game.

Police reports also concluded that the burglars were not able to enter the NFL player’s bedroom because it was locked. Several items were recovered including an Apple watch, two memorabilia coins from the 1800s, and a collectible Rolex watch. Officers are also looking for several guns that were taken from Gronkowski’s house.

After the news was featured in NBC 10, the NFL player posted a picture of the missing suspects on his Twitter account with a caption saying, “You better hide I’m coming,”

Investigations regarding the incident are still ongoing and people with information about the two missing suspects who burglarized the athlete’s house are required to report or contact the nearest police station.