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Hold Your Breath Wrestling Fans: The Gronk May Join WWE Real Soon

As time goes by, it becomes increasingly obvious that Rob Gronkowski, tight end for the New England Patriots, has his eyes set on the WWE. Exactly what sort of deal he’ll land, we don’t yet know. According to Gronkowski’s publicist, it isn’t a matter of if he joins the WWE, but when.

It Won’t Be The Gronk’s First Time Inside The Ring

In April of 2017, Gronkowski made his WWE debut at Wrestlemania 33. In front of a packed stadium, he came to the aid of current WWE star Mojo Rawley.

NBC Sports

The two athletes are long-time friends. Rawley, whose real name is Dean Muhtadi, used to play in the NFL with Gronk.

Gronkowski Won’t Be The First Athlete To Crossover Into The Ring

For retired NFL players, transitioning into WWE has become a more common career move lately. An increasing number of athletes from the UFC have crossed over to WWE recently as well. Brock Lesnar, a former collegiate wrestler and football player, has spent time in all three sports: WWE, UFC, and NFL.

Female UFC star Ronda Rousey also sought a change of pace. Following two back-to-back crushing defeats in the octagon, she turned to the WWE. She found a new home there, landing a full-time gig as Rowdy Ronda.

New York Post

While Ronda’s deal means her schedule won’t be as grueling as that of most WWE stars, she’s in it for the long haul. The same holds true for the Gronk. While details of his deal remain to be seen, the WWE will be seeing a lot more of him. WWE and NFL fans alike wait with bated breath.

Why The WWE? Why Now?

Gronkowski has always been a huge fan of professional wrestling. He hinted at retirement from the NFL following the Patriots’ heartbreaking loss to the Eagles in Super Bowl LII. The 29-year old’s body has taken a beating over the course of his NFL career, which sports analysts suspect has a lot to do with his decision to leave.

New York Post

Eight NFL seasons, a torn ACL, two broken arms, a herniated disc, and multiple concussions are about all the guy can take. Sure, the WWE will still take a toll on Gronkowski’s body – and he’ll make significantly less money. But joining WWE is a lifestyle choice, and the Gronk plans to have a blast in the ring.

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