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NBC Unleashes The “Green Zone”; Twitter Goes (Hilariously) Mean Zone

NBC Unleashes The “Green Zone”; Twitter Goes (Hilariously) Mean Zone


Football is back, baby!

As is tradition, the TV networks have to dump every penny into new, annoying and unnecessary graphics, because what’s the point of football if it doesn’t look as close to a video game as possible?

NBC came in hot on Thursday night, introducing the “Green Zone” graphic, a bold green filter displayed over the field between the line of scrimmage and the yellow first-down line on every third down … because the bold yellow line we’ve had since 1998 simply hasn’t worked well enough on its own.

Of course, Twitter will not let such an atrocity enter our lives unscathed. Sit back and enjoy the beauty of angry football fans reacting to a dumb, pointless and probably expensive idea.

With a Thursday season opener between the defending Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles and Atlanta Falcons that was “meh” at best, let’s get straight to the good stuff.

Bay Area Blue Zone

When an idea as bad as this comes around, superpowers must combine to fight a greater evil. NBA Twitter knows the Draymond Green Zone is what watching this green zone feels like.

The Tom Green Zone

People weren’t ready for it in the ‘90s, they still couldn’t handle it in the ‘00s and the ‘10s aren’t looking much different.

Ectoplasm Zone

Why. Won’t. You. Die?!

For real, though. This thing’s a legit ghost haunting our TV that the people on-field can’t see.

Refined Zone

Counting is for the peasants.

Shark Week Zone

Done! It’s over. Need it yesterday.

The Mind Blown Zone

Dude… Whoa.

Back to the Future Zone

The “green zone” offers us a post-apocalyptic glimpse into the future, but at least Darren Sproles is a hero we can believe in.

NBA Red Zone

It’s funny until realizing this is literally how dumb NBC apparently assumes its viewers are.

Browns Zone

It’s never too early to get a shot at the Browns in. Sorry, Cleveland. You understand.
Triggered Zone

We don’t see colors… well, we could before being blinded by the green zone.

Tom Crean Zone

Sorry, Hoosiers, the Tom Crean Zone will no longer be broadcast in Indiana. Now Georgia fans on the other hand can start getting excited.

Burn Zone

Wow. RIP, Jay Feely.

Bad Neighbor Zone

To be fair, this is more like the wealthy neighbor who’s so extra with lawncare they end up just being “that guy.” Chill, fam. California’s dealing with a bad enough drought without the extra sprinkler action.

The Office Zone

Honestly, if we had a PIP screen Michael Scott trashing it all game, we’d all watch.

Glam Zone

Former Pro Bowl punter (and current podcast legend) Pat McAfee was not having any of this green zone filter trash. We get more than enough on the Snapchat.

Inconspicuous Zone

Remarkable, it blends right in!

Breakup Zone

That’s kind of harsh, but we all know yellow line guy would treat her so much better.

Ad Zone

Brand patches on NBA jerseys was a weird adjustment, but maybe ween us into this advertising a bit more.

Ice Cold Zone

Matty Ice continues to live up to his nickname in the worst of ways when he hits the red zone. Mix that with green zone and woof.

Philly Special Zone

Not much to talk about here. Foles knows he didn’t retire, right?


More David Schwimmer? Greenzo > green zone.

Meta Zone

Not even the green zone knows what its purpose is.

No Fly Zone

Classic Philly. This is why we can’t have nice things.

Bad Take Zone

This would be funny but, knowing Colin Cowherd, this probably isn’t even sarcasm.


Two colors enter. One hue leaves.

Friends Zone

Even for the staunchest Friends haters (how dare you), it’s still better than the friend zone

Prezonedential Zone

Mr. President’s not having it.

Nostalgia Zone

Better times.

College Zone

#SoCollege #Rage

Better Zone

Now if we have to make reality look like a video game, THAT is how it’s done. Way to rep it, NHL.