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Green Bay Packers Score Big by Signing Jimmy Graham: Sportswriters

Even at 31 years old, the age when the tight end really starts to become a liability, Jimmy Graham can still be a red zone threat. And at his price tag, the Green Bay Packers really get an “A” for this latest move.

NFL insider Jay Glazer told Colin Cowherd on The Herd that so far, this was the best signing by any team this offseason so the Packers made the right move in releasing Jordy Nelson, and saving $10 million in the process.

He said that quarterback Aaron Rodgers would be the main beneficiary of this signing because he’s got another target that is a virtual walking mismatch.

“With Jimmy, they’re getting that player, that dynamic player that Aaron really hasn’t had from that position,” he said. “And it’s interesting, because when he was in Seattle, it was like Darrell Bevell didn’t know how to really use him.”

Graham signed with the Packers for three years at $30 million. Last season, even with the Seattle Seahawks which didn’t really maximize his talents, the 31-year-old still scored 10 receiving touchdowns. For his career, he has 69 receiving touchdowns, which is third-all time behind Rob Gronkowski and Dez Bryant.

The Packers had to release Nelson for cap space. Even with Graham, they barely have enough room to sign more players to bolster their defense.

Glazer told Cowherd that Rodgers may be sad to see Nelson walk away but once he develops chemistry with Graham, they would be one of the most formidable quarterback-receiver duos in the league.

Rodgers paid tribute to Nelson on his Instagram as he said that no player exemplified being a Packer than No. 87. “From living in GB full time, his incredible contributions to the city, state, and region, to his consistent, reliable play on the field,” he wrote. “Definitely a sad day and the toughest part of this business. There will never be another quite like white lightning.”