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Our Picks For The Greatest NFL Players Of All Time

We think that we’ve found the 10 greatest NFL players of all time and that we can justify our selection. It’s a bold claim, but will we live up to it? Only you can be the judge of that. Check out these incredible football stars and see if you agree with us.

Lawrence Taylor: The Legendary Linebacker

Sports Illustrated

We begin with Lawrence Taylor, a consistent pick as the best linebacker in history. He’s a touch controversial given his checkered off-field record, but 16 consecutive years of double-digit sacks? The football speaks for itself.

Dan Marino: The Dolphins’ Dynamite

ABC News

Dan Marino never made it to the Super Bowl, but the quarterback led the Dolphins to the playoffs ten times and that’s what gets him on our list.

Randy Moss: A World Class Wide Reciever

Silver and Black Pride

Randy Gene Moss is a Hall of Fame member and was an incredible wide receiver. He still holds the NFL single-season reception record and is second overall on the all-time regular season reception list too.

Peyton Manning: The Quarterback That Transformed The Colts


The Indianapolis Colts will never forget Peyton Manning’s contribution to their dramatic improvements in fortune. He brought them 8 division championships, two AFC championships, and a Super Bowl.

Jim Brown: Brought Flexibility To The Field

Sports Illustrated

Some might feel that Jim needs to be higher on this list. Certainly, between 1957 and 1965 there was no greater player in the world. And his ability to switch between fullback and running back as needed makes him the most versatile guy here.

Reggie White: The Defensive Genius

Wisconsin State Journal

It’s all too easy to build a “best of” list without giving acknowledgment to the defensive greats of the NFL. Reggie White was the greatest defender of them all and was rewarded with 13-time All-Pro selections.

Tom Brady: The Modern Game’s Best

SB Nation

Tom Brady still has time to rise up this list, as he’s still an active player for the New England Patriots and has already appeared in more Super Bowls than any man in history.

Walter Payton: The Finest Running Back


There wasn’t much Payton couldn’t do on the field and he was an amazing human being off it too. He holds numerous records including the most yards rushing in a career.

Joe Montana: The Fan Favorite Quarterback

eSports In Las Vegas

The first player in history to hold the Super Bowl’s MVP award three times, Joe Montana is a quarterbacking great. He holds so many NFL records that his inclusion in this list was a foregone conclusion.

Jerry Rice: The World’s Greatest Wide Reciever

USA Today

Rice has already been picked by NFL Network’s NFL Films as the greatest NFL player of all time. We think his 12-time All-Pro and 13-time Pro Bowl stints cement that claim.

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