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GM Jerry Reese Takes Full Responsibility for Giants’ Woes

New York Giants general manager Jerry Reese owned up to the team’s dismal start as it competes with the San Francisco 49ers and the Cleveland Browns for the dubious record of having the worst record in the NFL.

Reese said that the athletes should not be blamed for their 1-6 start because the bottomline is he was the one who put together the roster. “We do have to play better as a team. So we lose together, we win together. I believe everyone is accountable here for what goes on.” he said.

Head coach Ben McAdoo is hard pressed to understand what ails his team. When the Giants lost to the Seahawks this past Sunday, he told the team to get away from the game for a bit, spend time with their families and reset.

“We need to clear our minds, get our bodies back with a fresh outlook, as tough as that may be,” he said.

McAdoo took small consolation from the fact that the Giants did not fold on Sunday when they fought the Seahawks. They lost, but they made the other team fought hard for each of their point.

When they next play expect no lineup change as the head coach already announced that he’s sticking to Eli Manning despite the string of losses. “Ell’s our quarterback. I have 100 percent confidence in Eli,” he told reporters after the loss to the Seahawks.

It’s easy to see why the Giants hold the third worst record in the league. They are only scoring at an average of 16 points a game. While they can’t score, they can’t also prevent the other team from scoring. In fact, the team is ranked 27th in defense.

However, Reese is not thinking about being kicked out of the team because of the auspicious start to the season. He said those are the decisions that should be left for the front office. His main purpose is to turn around the Giants season.

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