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Perfect Pair: Teammates’ Hilarious Jersey Mashups

Perfect Pair: Teammates’ Hilarious Jersey Mashups


matching jersey

Sometimes, the sports gods gift us with the most beautiful, picturesque moments for an unforgettable game experience.

Other times, the sports gods are in a really weird mood and just want to have a laugh. In this case, teammates are syncing up in ways other players couldn’t no matter how many years of practice.

Let’s pay homage to the athletes who are such good teammates, they’re finishing each other’s… jerseys.

Southern Cookin’

Nobody knows how to do it better than the South when it comes to a good ol’ fashioned fish fry. Leave it to a couple of teammates from South Carolina to come over-prepared for the occasion to the nth degree. If it weren’t for these two, how are we supposed to know we’re in the right place?

matching jersey

Uni Watch

If Fish and Fry don’t pregame and celebrate every single Gamecocks win with a southern style fish fry, that’s just a poor display of school spirit.

All the Gamecocks need is an equally talented Cole and Slaw to suit up, and they’ve got a guaranteed win every weekend… even when they lose.

Celeb Alter Ego

Wow. For years, the Disney Channel led us to believe that Miley Cyrus’ character Miley Stewart was a schoolgirl living a secret second life as singer Hannah Montana. It turns out that double life was only the half of it. This girl is living an extra second life times two.

matching jersey

Who would’ve guessed she was living a QUADRUPLE life as two Hall of Fame NFL players?

Before Miley started moonlighting as a pop singer, she was protecting her quarterback on the Patriots’ O-line and winning Super Bowls with the 49ers.

It’s true then – she really did come in like a wrecking ball. Crazy world. Crazy, crazy world.


This is it. This is what the future looks like, and it’s a bizarre sight. We’re officially living in a world in which emojis serve as actual names. Either Brad Boxberger is years ahead of his time with this emoji duo, or he’s the first step into a new age of darkness.

matching jersey

Major League Baseball introduced Players Weekend in 2017, a fun day that loosens up on some rules regarding players’ outfits and gear. Players get a chance to choose nicknames they go by, but Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Brad Boxberger chose to go a slightly different route in 2018.

A box and a burger, what a pair.

Belting Hits

The gates of heaven opened for the hockey gods to make our dreams come true and shine a light on this flawless pun. For nearly three seasons, the St. Louis Blues delivered smash hit after smash hit with a dynamic duo that couldn’t have been timelier in All-Stars Brett Hull and Adam Oates.

matching jersey


While Hull and Oates were shredding through the NHL, legendary pop duo Hall & Oates was busting out one classic jam after another.

The fact that, of all teams, Hull & Oates were delivering their own smash hits while playing on the Blues is just too perfect to not appreciate.

Acting Heisman

The Louisville Cardinals landed the mother of all quarterbacks in a couple ways with this one. Not only do L’ville fans get to root for their team, they get a chance to root for one of the greatest action heroes and baddest man on the planet in Samuel L. Jackson.

matching jersey


Wide receiver Traveon Samuel and quarterback Lamar Jackson synced up plenty of times on and off the field to deliver this fantastic piece of work. It even got the legend himself pumped up!

The fact that Jackson went on to win the 2017 Heisman Trophy only further proves there’s some power behind the name.

Another Celebrity Sighting

Wait! Before glossing right over this one, you might want to do a double-take to make sure this is the same Not Actually Samuel L. Jackson. With the red and white, it may look like the same celebrity duo, but don’t be fooled. This classic combo actually hails out of Western Kentucky.

matching jersey


The WKU Hilltoppers didn’t waste any time taking a page out of Louisville’s book, delivering their own Samuel L. Jackson rendition that is somehow just as oddly satisfying as the first time.

This is a college football trend that coaches need to factor in when scouting top high school talent.

Going Hollywood

The Los Angeles Lakers already have the biggest celebrities in the world showing up to their games on a regular basis, which makes this one feel just a tad bit unnecessary. As if their fans aren’t famous enough, even the players are going Hollywood.

matching jersey


Laker fans were likely waiting on the edge of their seat for Jordan Clarkson and Ryan Kelly to stand next to each other for “A Moment Like This.”

Funny as seeing these two together is, they’re “Already Gone” and much “Stronger” with LeBron James taking their place. We’ll “Breakaway” from the terrible puns now… “Piece by Piece.”

Morning Munchies

Hockey teams often end up getting a raw deal with practice schedules, getting stuck with crazy early ice time to share the rink with so many other activities throughout the day. That isn’t a problem for this winning combo that knows how to take care of that “raw” part in a deliciously effective manner.

matching jersey

Ted Stahl’s Blog

Cook and Bacon on the ice together smells like… victory.

This duo thrives in the morning. Elite athletes understand that getting a jump-start on the day with a hearty breakfast is pivotal to success. When these two get up early, they know exactly what they want. That’s the type of tandem that makes for a championship mentality.

2 = 1?

Whoa. Strap in for this one, because it’s about to get meta. Like, Inception-level meta. We have a single Willis and a McGahee to make Willis Mcgahee even though we only need one Willis McGahee to make Willis McGahee. They weren’t kidding when they named this place Mile High Stadium.

matching jersey


Matt Willis is the Willis to McGahee and Willis McGahee is the McGahee, making the Broncos one Willis away from only having one Willis McGahee on the team.

Phew. That actually wasn’t too hard now at all, was it? Glad we were able to clear that all up easy enough.

Don’t Look Down

Putting up with Michigan Wolverines fans every football season is hard enough as it is, but having to deal with gloating U of M fans AND the team’s Gross Butt players is just plain ridiculous. Typical Ann Arbor behavior to go rubbing our noses in their maize and blue stank.

matching jersey


Michigan students and alum love nothing more after a big win than to rub it in about how much the other team stinks.

Ya know what, Michigan? Even if you guys torch our team, the Wolverines still stink too. Go ahead and deny it, but Gross Butt is literally written all over you. We can smell it.

Don’t Answer That

Nothing is better than a lazy day lounging out and relaxing at home until that dreaded knock on the front door comes. It’s the middle of the day, so no one should be around. There’s only one answer. It’s got to be one of those obnoxious door-to-door salesmen.

matching jersey

Barstool Sports

What are they trying to sell? It doesn’t matter, we don’t want it! Why won’t they stop knocking? All right, time to go tell this guy we aren’t interested to get some peace and qui— Sweet mother of sales guy, that has to be the largest Sales Guy to ever walk the earth… and there are two. Note to self, Buffalo Sales Guy means buffalo sized sales guys.

Wrong Sport

A rookie Crosby and veteran Lemieux suiting up and playing together! It’s a dream duo that could have broken one record after another, but instead ushered in a new era while closing the chapter of the one before. It really is a powerful thi— Never mind, that’s a football field.

matching jersey

CBS Sports

Okay, so maybe this isn’t the Pittsburgh Penguins’ superstar centers, Sidney Crosby and Mario Lemieux, but these two are on the the Oregon Ducks, which is… um, well, it’s at least the same mascot as another NHL team. Both teams have birds, so there’s that too. Doing our best with what we got here, people.

Uniform Issues

It’d be great if we could just blame the shiesty cameraman for snapping this pic, but at some point, the accountability has to fall on the players. With the number of ridiculous pairings Dingle must have next to certain last names, a little self-awareness seems like it’d go a long way.

matching jersey

Then again, in a very weird way, Dingle Berry came together to exhibit a unique display of school spirit that likely (hopefully) won’t ever be replicated.

Maybe Dingle and Berry are trying to wipe the competition clean by repping the West Virginia Mountaineers mascot in a way that reflects the everyday trials a mountaineer faced.

Puffy Shirt Optional

Seeing the names Newman and Kramer side by side should immediately catch the eye of any Seinfeld fan. Now take in the rest of the scene. Notice anything? Maybe the fact that they’re playing for Pittsburgh? These two playing for the Pirates means they’re literally wearing Pirates shirts, making this the perfect homage to Larry David.

matching jersey

Larry Brown Sports

“It’s all puffy, like the pirates used to wear.” Those words Kramer once famously uttered have been brought to life in this MLB reincarnation.

“The Puffy Shirt” episode is right up there as one of the greatest Seinfeld ever had, and for Kramer and Newman to come together to pay tribute to such a beautiful outfit is truly touching.

Father-Son Bonding

This snapshot doesn’t exactly capture a perfectly timed pun, but this guy’s tweet is just too good of a dig to pass up. Sorry, Lions fans. Watching the NFL and rooting for Detroit is like walking in a revolving door of disappointment you already know is out of order. Why bother?

Wide receivers Marvin Jones Jr. and TJ Jones unknowingly paired up for a little father-son time on the sideline. Seeing as the Lions haven’t made it past the Wild Card round in about 30 years, it actually wouldn’t be too surprising if the team saw a couple of athletic guys and tossed them some pads for a tryout.

Killer Name

Frank Gore is one of the NFL’s all-time leaders in rushing yards, and a majority of that damage came in his time 10 years with the 49ers. Despite tearing it up for a decade in San Francisco, Gore clearly got under at least one teammate’s skin in a real bad way.

matching jersey

11 Points

With Daniel Kilgore being an offensive lineman, he’s got loads of opportunities to do the dirty deed without even leaving a trail that leads back to him.

All Kilgore needs to do is give his man a wide open lane to break through and let him destroy Gore. It’s the perfect crime.

Teammate Handshake

Go ahead and try to think of anything we see athletes do at football and baseball games more than patting each other’s butt. It’s a form of greeting, congratulations, condolences, best wishes and sometimes just for the sake of patting some but. It’s like a Swiss Army knife of hand signals.

matching jersey


These fellas took their team public display of affection to a whole new level. Patten Butts are making sure their teammates know how to properly conduct themselves at work even when they aren’t patting butts themselves. Now that is some inspiring stuff. Great sportsmanship. That’s just a couple of leaders right there.

Political Gunners

Something about this photo suggests that these two pitchers can fire off some killer throws. Upon further inspection, Burr gives off a vibe that he can throw with deadeye accuracy. Hamilton, on the other hand, seems like he has the right speed, but the accuracy just doesn’t look like it’s there.

This Burr-Hamilton White Sox duo pays homage to another famous duel without even trying.

Our American history and the American pastime all rolled into one. Let’s just hope that, unlike our contentious founding fathers, these two don’t literally end up in a shootout.

RIP Alex Hamilton. If he only had a better shot, where would our country be today? Probably without this pun.


Please, please, please let this be a sneak preview of National Lampoon’s Spring Break Vacation. Anything involving Chevy Chase is pure gold, but when Clark Griswold is bringing the fam out on vacation, it is always going to be must-see comedic genius. We could use another Vacation after that attempted reboot in 2015.

matching jersey

The scene really is set up like it’s an opening scene for a college edition of the Vacation series. Clark Griswold going to visit his kids at Arkansas State, saying any and everything humanly possible to offend every southern student around only to somehow end up on the field…

Let’s get this in production ASAP.

Weekend Vibes

The Green Bay Packers have themselves a walking, talking calendar to take us through the weekend in Friday Saturday Sunday. This would be an amazing way for Cheeseheads to count down to every football game but, sadly, this is only a one-time deal since only one of these names is real.

matching jersey

When former Colts lineman Jeff Saturday joined Green Bay, teammates Evan Dietrich-Smith and Josh Sitton figured they’d have a bit of fun with their newest member of the O-line.

These guys are definitely on to something, though. Every team needs to look into a weekly countdown to kickoff that can take the field. That’s real football.

Arizona Heat

Is it getting hot in here or is it just French-Love? Or is it just Arizona? It’s both. Oh yeah, it’s most definitely both. As if the Arizona heat isn’t warm enough already, the Sun Devils’ tight end, Ceejhay French-Love makes sure things are always extra hot at Arizona State.

matching jersey

House of Sparky

Between the mascot, Sparky, and tight end, French-Love, it’s going to look like fans are walking out of a steam room with how frisky things will get on that gridiron. We’re hot and bothered just thinking about it. We’re also buying tickets now… you know, for football purposes or whatever.

Scary Times Ahead

Yikes. This is not something any athlete wants to see when taking the field against the opponents. It’s one thing to get crushed by the other team, but seeing a bunch of monsters take the field with foreshadowing literally written on their jerseys. Nope, not a good sign at all.

matching jersey


The fact that this photo opportunity went down in 2017, meaning it came after the horrible Aaron Hernandez situation, really does not help this case at all. That red glove looks like it fits, which should make it tough to acquit.

Not a good look, New England. Not a good look at all.

Moore Scary Times Ahead

Wow, this is really going way over the top, New England. This just went from a random coincidence to way too sketchy predicament. There was already evidence suggesting that Hernandez committed murder, and now we have another player stepping in and suggesting that there were Moore Likely Killings on top of that.

matching jersey


Could this possibly be some bizarre route that Robert Kraft or Bill Belichick decided to use to come clean and confess without outright saying anything? Knowing the Belichickian way of never allowing the media to see any emotion or get inside info on the team, it wouldn’t even be surprising.

Lucky Pair

Wake Forest knew exactly what it would be adding to its football program by recruiting these two, and it is absolutely genius. Sports fanatics know that anyone who thinks superstitions are ridiculous simply isn’t irrationally fearful enough of random everyday occurrences. Figures a team named the Demon Deacons would be ahead of the curve.

matching jersey

SB Nation

It goes without saying that adding Good Fortune to the roster serves as the perfect counter to their conference rivals, Notre Dame who already been playing with the luck of the Fighting Irish on their side for some time now.

Can’t blame the Demon Deacons for thinking outside the box.

All Aboard!

Shin-Soo Choo has really gone the distance in an MLB career that’s lasted well over a decade. We wouldn’t quite label Choo as a “tank” since he has endured his fair share of injuries, but his ability to keep coming back and perform at such a high level does earn him another name.

matching jersey


The man’s a train – he just keeps going and going like the little engine that could. A Choo Choo train, if you will.

Our best guess is those are two strangers who will go to such great lengths to support their favorite player that they’ll happy sit next to another to keep the good juju for Choo Choo.

You Already Know

If it doesn’t click right away, go ahead and take a moment to think over and let this one sink in. Really get that brain going. No, still not getting it? Hmm, let’s try to think of who’s on first base that could make for such a perfect punny pair.

matching jersey

Total Pro Sports

Come on, how are we supposed to know what the joke is if we don’t even know who’s on first. Who is it? Hu is on first!

Come on, how are we supposed to know what the joke is if we don’t even know who’s on first? Someone please tell us. Who is it? Is it Hu? Who is on first? Hu is on first!

Wait, that last one felt more like a statement than a question.

Don’t Mess with the Clan

We need to watch out for these two girls. No doubt about it, they make for one majorly fearsome duo on the field, in the streets and especially in the studio. As the wise elders RZA, Inspectah Deck and Method Man once warned, “Wu-Tang Clan ain’t nuttin ta f’ wit.”

matching jersey


Heed the OG Wu-Tang’s warning and steer clear of this ponytailed soccer couple. Just because these little ladies are chilling like villains in this shot doesn’t mean they can’t Enter the Wu-Tang whenever they want.

Right after they get some orange slices in them, they’ll unleash the wrath of the Wu-Tang.

Jammin’ Duo

The rest of the ACC had better brace itself, because the Virginia Tech Hokies are coming with the mega hits via Wang Chung! Apparently, the ‘80s pop sensation has been reborn in the form of VT’s offensive line. Of all places, who’d have guessed this British duo would be getting the band back together in Blacksburg?

matching jersey

The Key Play

David Wang and Kyle Chung make quite a one-two punch protecting the quarterback. They rip it up, move down, rip it up, move it down to the ground. When they step off the football field, though, surely they just want everybody to have fun tonight.

(Are these puns the worst, or what?)

Chilling Nightmares

Nope. Not doing it. Not a chance. No one in their right mind should want to take the ice when not one, but TWO Casey Anthonys are waiting to get out there and skate too. That’s a recipe for disaster. Keep those two in the penalty box for life… like it should have been.

matching jersey


On the flip side, any gigantic hockey players who are drooling over the thought of checking someone into another dimension, please feel free to suit up and face this Casey Anthony squad. Something tells us she/they probably deserve it anyways. Think of it as the NHL Network meets Investigation Discovery.

Miller Time

Sure, advertisers are always trying to branch out and test new and unique methods of posting ads, but this is getting ridiculous. Can we all agree that this kind of guerilla marketing is taking it a bit too far? Having to look at all the obnoxious logos on professional team jerseys is already ridiculous enough.

matching jersey


Starting them out this young seems like we’re stepping into some slippery, dangerous territory. Maybe it can be Miller Time, you know, once they turn 21. Just a thought.

Then again, after a long day of work and taking the kiddos out to practice, Miller will probably be the first drink on the mind.


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