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These Crazy College Football Signs Are Far From Showing School Spirit

These Crazy College Football Signs Are Far From Showing School Spirit


michigan college football sign

Rabid, raunchy and ravenous, college football fans are animals in a class of their own. The only thing students love more than cheering on their team is trashing the opposing school and everything it stands for.

Rather than hitting the books, these crazy college kids put all their brainpower into making the most absurd and unforgettable signs to torch the opponent and call out anyone who deserves it… even when they don’t.

1. Shark Week

Aside from this poster board having what appears to be a lump that seriously needs to get checked out by a doctor, this sign is way too perfect. (If you call that a thing a fin, raise your standards.)

If NCAA football is the ocean, then without a doubt, Alabama is a roster of great white sharks feasting on its helpless prey.

alabama college football sign

Kevin C. Cox / Getty Images

Nick Saban is like the shark whisperer, pointing out the next victim for his school of cold-blooded killers to tear apart and leave behind a Crimson Tide in their wake. Forget “whisperer,” Saban’s a shark in his own right the way he snags every. single. recruit.

If sharks don’t have an Alabama Week, they should, because they could learn a thing or two.

2. Robbery

When it comes to college sports, the NCAA doesn’t need to worry about breaking out the Brink’s truck until the end of summer when the football season rolls around.

College football is a cash cow and basketball doesn’t even come close to being a distant second, so it’s understandable why athletic programs focus all their efforts on the football team (even when they suck).

west virginia college football sign

Jared Wickerham / Getty Images

Sadly, for the Big East Conference, that meant essentially dismantling one the premier basketball conferences in the country… and it had a LOT to do with football.

The ACC nabbed Louisville, Syracuse and Pittsburgh, which led to the Big East returning to its Catholic roots while West Virginia and other schools were scattered across other countries. RIP.

3. Ew, Moist

Can America please set aside its differences for one moment and come together to agree that “moist” is the most offensive, disgusting and uncomfortable word in the English language? Great! Now that we’re all in agreement we can finally work out some real issu …

jim harbaugh college football sign


You have got to be kidding. Making jokes at the expense of Jim Harbaugh is all good and fun, but this is no laughing matter. The University of Michigan is supposed to be one of the most elite academic schools in the nation with a powerhouse football program, yet they have an athletic director who gave the okay for a guy who likes the word… we can’t even say it again.

This sign isn’t a joke, it’s a public service announcement. Stay woke.

4. Court Date

Nowhere in the nation comes close to displaying the level of fandom for its football team quite like supporters from the south. Football isn’t so much a sport as it is a religion down south, and right up there with some of the most rabid fanbases is LSU.

lsu college football fan sign


Geaux Tigers! That’s the everyday approach to life Louisiana takes. Just look at this student. This might look like a fun little joke if this kid was wearing some other school’s colors, but he’s rocking the purple and gold, which means when he gets home there will probably be some flashing red and blue lights waiting for him.

5. Myspace Friends

Oh man, this one REALLY cuts deep for Tennessee fans. Once one of the premier programs in the nation, the Volunteers have to fight just to stay afloat these days in the insanely stacked SEC.

While most of the conference is thriving, the Vols are floundering and have been for some time.

myspace tennessee college football sign

eBaum’s World

To say the Florida-Tennessee rivalry has been lopsided the last couple decades would be a massive understatement. If we’re being honest, to even call this matchup a rivalry at all is offensive to the Florida Gators.

Until Tennessee finally pulled off a win in 2016, Florida had walked away the victors 11 straight years. That puts the Vols’ last win back to 2004 when Tom from Myspace was not only still relevant, he was actually popular.

6. King Crab

May the onslaught of Jameis Winston related crab jokes be plentiful for all ACC fans for many years to come, and may the fruits of these students’ labor reap just as many clever signs by Florida State in response. One year after the Heisman-winning quarterback led the Seminoles to the 2013 National Championship, Winston’s infamous incident stealing crab legs from a Publix has led to a wealth of signs that are pure gold.

jameis winston college football sign

Eric Francis / Getty Images

This rendition of Winston’s love affair with crab legs is one of many classics. Whoever replaced the National Championship trophy with this crown of legs has a legit future in graphic design. This looks like a man who loves nothing more than some one-on-one time with his seafood.

7. Trash

Let’s face it, college students are broke. Gotta work with what you got, which often means working with almost nothing and barely scraping by. That is exactly where ingenuity and creativity come in their greatest, purest forms. This student exemplifies making the most out of nothing.

stanford football funny sign


Sure, the Stanford Cardinals probably have a strong case as one of the smartest fanbases in the nation, but simple wit trumps even the brainiest nerds.

This kid probably grabbed a trashcan on the way out of the dorm. Better yet, this was most likely brought to the game for a tailgate and the booze greased up the creative juices for this trashy masterpiece.

8. Invisa-Girl

For all the Jameis Winston crab legs joke directed at FSU, former Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o got just as much heat for his infamous fake girlfriend hoax. Let’s take it back to 2012 when Te’o, a senior, was one of the top talents in the country while leading the Fighting Irish to the BCS National Championship.

notre dame college sign funny


Just a week after the Irish lost to Bama, news broke that the girlfriend who was “battling cancer before dying in a car accident on Sept. 11, 2012” actually never existed. Whoops. Classic mistake.

A bizarre series of investigative reports ensued, revealing how the linebacker was duped. Of course, what followed was a barrage of ridiculous fake and invisible girlfriend zingers.

She really disappeared from the limelight after those signs started making fun of her.

9. Toxic Relationship

The Battle for Bama has been raging on for well over 100 years, and the hatred shared between both sides hasn’t waned in the slightest. Auburn and Alabama’s annual showdown at the Iron Bowl always makes for must-watch television if not purely to see the emotional roller coaster the entire state goes through.

bama auburn funny college sign


Volatile emotions + passionate football fans = danger zone. That’s as close to a guarantee as we’ll ever get in this world right along with death and taxes. This rivalry proves that point, as one Bama fan was SO enraged by Auburn’s 28-27 victory that he poisoned Auburn’s beloved oak tree at Toomer’s Corner.

Fortunately, the fan responsible ended up in the Rammer Jammer Prison Slammer for his act of love.

10. Minimalist Design

It looks like this crowd is mostly filled with a sea of Crimson Tide fans, but it’s the dude rocking the shades with his sign easily takes center stage. No worries about cheering on his squad with some witty line – it’s Alabama, so everything that can be said has been.

funny college gameday sign


No attempts at tearing down the opponent. Why bother when the Tide will embarrass them anyways?

This legend just wants the world to know that the only thing he’s wearing are his stunner shades, and man oh man can he pull off the look.

The combination of this being a college kid who’s a Bama fan at a Bama pregame all point to this kid literally being naked. Legend.

11. Bathroom Reading

There is an endless list of fun and entertaining things to do in the great state of Louisiana. New Orleans alone has an entire state’s worth of attractions. Then there’s the amazing LSU campus in the state capital, Baton Rouge. And of course, who can forget… well, we can’t leave out… Um, hmmm.

lsu tigers college football sign

Don’t take this to heart too much, fine citizens of Louisiana. This person’s toilet diagram of your surely wonderful state at least has one major flaw: LSU isn’t literally the entire state. So, really it’s like this kid who made the sign is the stupid idiot. Right?

12. “That Guy”

Everywhere we go—literally anywhere in the world where there are people—there is and always will be “that guy.” There are a million ways to be “that guy,” but we all know it when we see it. Now we aren’t going to point any fingers at babies for crying on planes, but there is definitely another noisemaker who’s just as obnoxious.

brian kelly college football sign


It’s the clapper, the guy who actually claps it up for the pilots who, just like they do numerous times every day. Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly is already an easy enough guy to root against, but so help us if he really has the audacity to clap it up… Ugh, let’s just move on.

13. Upgraded User

As always, shots fired in Nick Saban’s direction is always a diss welcomed with open arms by everyone who is not a part of the Crimson Tide. We could honestly roll out an entire list of good Saban jabs, but this deadpan shot just hits home for some reason.

saban bama college football sign

College Football Analysis

Trashing Saban is not an easy task since he keeps busy crushing all of our teams year-round. So we have to settle for stupid jabs, and the thought of ANYONE paying for the “premium” Tinder is hilarious.

Is it true? No. Do we choose to believe it anyways? Absolutely. Do better Saban.

14. BadgerBob WolverinePants

Wisconsin fans do not mess around when it comes to Big Ten rivalries. Dropping a great meme is always an easy pleaser, and these two Badgers signs nailed it calling out Michigan.

First up is Gordon Ramsey’s favorite recipe, an idiot sandwich. Wolverines sure look like a delicious dummies.

wisconsin michigan college football signs


Then we have our classic SpongeBob moment when he had Mermaid Man’s (Michigan) belt on and was turning everyone in Bikini Bottom mini. Fortunately, Patrick was there to set the belt from “M” to (Wisconsin) “W” for wumbo.

You know, I wumbo, you wumbo, he she me wumbo, wumbo, wumboing, wumbology, the study of wumbology, this is first grade stuff…

15. Football God

Miami has one of the most hardcore fanbases in football. Everyone rooting for the Hurricanes know life is all about the “U”, but now the Canes have Jesus Christ himself rooting on the squad too?! Holy unfair advantage, the Big G’s son is about that orange and green life.

miami hurricanes jesus sign


It’s almost scary to think how much time these two kids put into making a larger-than-life Jesus who can actually throw up the “U.” Then again, it’s also a pretty scary thought playing for the visiting team, looking up into the stands and seeing Jesus staring back, openly supporting the other team.


Sound the alarm! Sounds the alarm! We got a Nerd Alert! This is not a drill! If we had to boil the nation’s view of what Ivy League athletics look like down into one picture, without a doubt this is the image America would choose 11/10 times.

harvard college football sign


Our diehard Harvard Crimson supporter would probably call out that 11/10 for being an irrational number too… then call out that it’s not actually irrational, it’s just impossible. We get it, nerd! Sheesh.

Now that we’ve cleared up that fake argument, let’s appreciate the fact that this is actually a pretty hilarious sign. Is it supposed to be doing the wave since it’s a wave diagram? For fear of further embarrassment, we’ll give up there.

17. No, Patrick

THE Ohio State University is coming in hot with one of the greatest college football signs that neither supports nor disses a team. It’s just a sign for the sake of being a sign, and we’re perfectly fine with that.

spongebob patrick college football sign


While Squidward would probably be a total mood killer and tell Patrick, “No, mayonnaise is not an instrument,” we know it is. In fact, this reference is totally on brand since this mayo moment went down while Squidward was trying to put a band together to play during halftime of a football game.

What better school for this than OSU, which has the most famous marching band in the country?

18. Emergency

Your phone’s vibrating. Who is it? Uh oh, it’s an emergency alert! Oh no, even worse. It’s a presidential alert. Brace yourself, because this could be a catastrophic disaster. It looks like… OU still sucks? Hooo weee, talk about dodging a bullet there.

oklahoma sooners football sign

SB Nation

Props to this Texas Longhorns fan for serving up his rival Oklahoma Sooners in a unique fashion. Double props for a fantastic stache to serve as a perfect complement to a fantastic sign.

The only sad part about this is that getting a presidential alert about something this stupid doesn’t feel so far from impossible these days.

19. Croiky!

All right, so this one is actually has us a little torn here. Without knowing when this photo was taken, there’s some real potential for two very different feelings about this Steve Irwin poster. (We’re willing to give Gator Nation a pass on this being the Crocodile Hunter out of respect for a solid pun.)

florida gators college football sign

Doug Benc / Getty Images

The first option is that this sign is a legitimate, heartfelt sign after Irwin unexpectedly lost his life—in the most insane way imaginable, of course—in 2006. Either that, or some swarmy fan saw an opportunity for a gross joke. When we’re talking about America’s favorite Aussie, any joke ever about the Crocodile Hunter is too soon.

20. The Devil

Whoever doesn’t know this reference has clearly never been to a South Central Louisiana State University Mud Dogs game. Don’t recognize SCLSU? It was Adam Sandler Bobby Boucher’s alma mater where he starred as the Mud Dogs’ fearsome linebacker in The Waterboy.

nick saban college football sign

Sporting News

Boucher’s absurdly overprotective mom hated just about everyone and everything that kept her baby boy out of the house and put in harm’s way, especially football and girls. Remember, because those things are “the devil”?

To be fair, literally everything was the devil in Mrs. Boucher’s eyes, but pretty much every college football fan outside of ‘Bama can all agree that Nick Saban really is the devil.

21. Rudy Offsides

There is no doubt about it, Rudy is one of the greatest sports movies of all time. Everyone remembers the classic underdog story where the undersized Notre Dame walk-on finally gets to suit up for a game and get in for the last play to record a sack.

michigan college football sign

Jared Wickerham / Getty Images

This giant banana is not having any of that Hollywood garbage, and he’s taking a stand to speak the truth. The thought of calling Rudy out on that play is honestly hilarious since it was a totally meaningless play speaking to the bigger picture of never giving up.

This banana knows college football is all about the sanctity of the game. Blow that whistle, ref.

22. Bing Ole Miss

Ohhh snap! This person was shooting straight for the heart when drawing up this sign. Ole Miss fans better not have taken this one sitting down, because getting called out for using Bing is about as disrespectful as it gets.

ole miss college football sign


Whoever uses Bing needs to get some prescription glasses to make sure they realize they aren’t on Google. If that wasn’t the problem, then they need to get a mirror and talk a long, hard look in it to reevaluate there life, because, dude… Bing?!

Even Microsoft employees would get a good laugh out of someone using Bing, and they’re the ones who made it.

23. Hopeless

This isn’t just some cocky Clemson fan talking junk to Ohio State. Despite the storied histories of the Tigers and Buckeyes’ programs, they have only faced off three times and it’s been the orange and white coming out on top in all three meetings.

tennessee osu college football sign

Christian Petersen / Getty Images

The last showdown came in 2016 at the Fiesta Bowl and this guy’s sign pretty much sums it up. Clemson flat out crushed OSU in a 31-0 beatdown in the College Football Playoffs. Go ahead a throw some pads on LeBron James, but not even Akron’s king could’ve helped stop Dabo’s squad from tearing through the Buckeyes.

24. Public Enemy No. 1

It doesn’t matter how heated a college rivalry gets, no hatred between two teams will ever come close to matching the vitriol football fans feel for NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. Multiply that many times over when we’re talking about anyone from the Boston area.

boston college football sign

Maddie Meyer / Getty Images

Doesn’t matter this is an Eagles game, this Boston College student only has one message on his mind and he plans on speaking up about it. Whatever lone kid might be stuck in BC’s student section can always give a “Goodell sucks!” shout and go from enemy to ally in a second.

Any foe of Goodell automatically gets their honorary maroon and gold.

25. Go Team(s)

There’s more to life than just winning. Just look at this wise man, who’s years ahead of his time. It’s all about getting that message out: Positive energy, good vibes, have fun. This is also a very telling sign of who this kid is at the game.

funny college football sign


For sure this kid has one thing in mind and one thing only – he’s going for the tailgate, and he isn’t leaving until every single thing that can be consumed has been. Maybe that’s just the look plastered across his face, but we can safely assume he won’t even know to be disappointed if his team does lose. Good on him.

26. Malzahn Jeans

Just like how painting is an ever evolving art that has taken on many forms, so too is the art of making signs. Our “modern art” version of the witty sign is people coming up with dumb, deadpan anti-jokes that are really just ridiculous and made up observations. This Gus Malzahn one? Perfection.

auburn college football sign


Take THAT, Auburn fans!

Actually, no. We refuse to hate on this look, because Gus is legit pulling it off like a boss. When you got a body as curvaceous and voluptuous as our main man Malzahn, you gotta work what your momma jeans give you. Malzahn in mom jeans is a win in our book.

27. Broke

Ah yes, the sign that rings true to literally almost every single college student in America. Doesn’t matter how big or small the school, where it is or what they have, you can bet everyone empathizes with the bro in the Oregon hoodie.

oregon ducks college football sign

Then there’s the second half of this sign’s reality that college football fans can empathize with just as much. This is as much a warning to the parents as it is a reminder/request.

He’s firing a flare gun, warning, “Things are about to get ROWDY. I may or may not be allowed back on campus after the mayhem that ensues at this tailgate. Either way, dues are dues.” Good luck moms and pops.

28. Musty

Louisville may have had Heisman winning quarterback Lamar Jackson lead the Cardinals for three years, but that doesn’t quite make the school a powerhouse football program. Not by any stretch of the imagination. That means creativity is a must when getting a good dig in against some of Florida’s monster teams.

funny florida college football sign

Only so many opportunities arise to diss giants like the Hurricanes, Seminoles and Gators, so it’s more about using the ammunition the state itself provides. Now THAT makes getting a good jab in much, much, much easier. They got two things, crazy people and old people. Take your pick.

29. Grab a Snickers

Can somebody get Bret Bielema a Snickers? Eating signs cannot be good for longevity. It’s actually kind of hard to tell if this kid is actually rooting for whatever team was playing the Badgers or if he’s just getting a cheap shot in at his school’s (former) coach.

nebraska college football sign


It’d make sense if this guy was from another school, because Bielema’s teams dominated throughout his seven-year tenure, taking them to three straight Rose Bowls in his final seasons (though they lost all three). Or maybe this is after Bielema resigned to go coach Arkansas in which case, we totally get the salt.

30. Happy to be Here

Almost all of the people showing up to college football games are going to root on their school. Arizona University students are showing up in droves to root on their Wildcats. Everyone except for the super excited fella in the middle.

funny college gameday signs

The “I like sports” kid is straight up crushing it. The sign exhibits pure childlike innocence – it even looks like a five-year-old made it.

Then there’s the “Beats by Diddy” sign, which is about as polar opposite from spreading the love as humanly possible. Then again, maybe P. Diddy swinging a kettlebell at the UCLA strength coach was in the name of love too.

Below average athlete. Irrationally confident fantasy manager. Competent benchwarmer.

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