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The Most Hilarious Camping and Hiking Photos on the Internet

The Most Hilarious Camping and Hiking Photos on the Internet


Going camping is a classic activity that creates great memories and even more funny moments. It’s also an activity that lends itself to some pretty goofy and silly moments, ones that often get captured on camera for the world to see.

Here are 25 of the funniest camping photos.

Stick-in-the- … trunk

Look at this guy, stuffing his 1990 Pontiac with every stick in the forest. Just look at this guy, being the single leading cause of deforestation in whatever corner of the Earth he lives in. We get it, you want to start a roaring fire so you can toast marshmallows all night, but seriously, save some wood for the rest of us.

funny camping photos

@Only1Wilfy via Twitter

Now, before we get too deep into our criticism of this wood harvester, let’s appreciate the dedication to stuffing the trunk with THAT much wood. Seriously, there’s so much wood stuffed in such a small car that it’s actually impressive. Plus, it probably didn’t devalue what looks to be an already devalued car on its last legs.


Man, everyone on Earth has a doppelgänger. The problem is, trying to find your doppelgänger can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. In other words, it can be nearly impossible and sometimes painful. But for this guy, that wasn’t the problem, and not only did he find one doppelgänger, he found two.

funny camping photos

@HikingAndNature via Twitter

Yes, somewhere on Earth, this happy-go-lucky backpacker stumbled into two versions of himself, albeit in animal form. What is really special about this photo is the pure happiness everyone in it is exuding. Some would say we live in dark times today, but this smiling trio is brushing all of that darkness to the side and lighting up the world with their collective ear-to-ear grin.

Get me outta here

Sad pup alert! Get this poor pooch out of the woods gosh darn it. Get him to his fluffy dog bed by the fireplace with a bone in his mouth. Yes, the colors in this photo are serene. Yes, the waterfall is picturesque, and yes, the water looks refreshing. But does that matter to Mr. Puppers?

funny camping photos

@livinglavidahugo via Instagram

No, not at all. He cares about the finer things in life. Give him warm shelter and some food, take the chain collar off his neck, and you’ll see that frown turn upside down. You’ll see him go from depressed dog to divine K-9.


What’s the point of camping at this point? Might as well call your travel agent and book a five-star hotel in whatever exotic destination your adventurous heart desires. Camping, that includes car camping, is still, in essence, an activity that is supposed to connect its participants with nature. It’s supposed to get people out of their comfort zone and into the great outdoors.

funny camping photos

@pvermeul_peter via Instagram

But when you have this setup, all of that conventional logic goes out the window. This family literally has a two-story house attached to what appears to be the front of a semitruck. We can only imagine that the interior of this rig is as luxurious as the outside, replete with Jacuzzis, marble countertops, and HD televisions.

A sign of the times

Some people would say that one of the biggest issues pressing society today is the general lack of respect for all things. Now, we’re not here to comment on the societal issues, but we are here to look at this photo and scrutinize what is going on. If you focus for a second on the pole, you see a big red sign.

funny, hilarious camping photos

@bayareawildernesstraining via Instagram

And on that sign, you notice a tent icon with a slash through it and the words “No Camping.” Now, if you will, take a look at the hundreds and hundreds of tents scattered around the park. People, clearly, did not see or care for the sign and opted to set up shop wherever they pleased.

Bed ’n’ bike

Doesn’t this look like a fun time? Sleeping on a mattress attached to a motorcycle in the middle of the desert? We’re not sure exactly where this is, but from what we can tell, it’s hot and dusty. And sleeping on the back of a motorcycle, on a bumpy dirt road, doesn’t look overly pleasant. That being said, the guy on the mattress appears to be sound asleep.

funny camping photos

@Abu_2_Pouvoir via Twitter

However, upon closer examination, his arm/wrist does look wrapped up. Maybe he was injured in a scuffle and is being evacuated from the scene? Or, maybe, Mr. Sound Asleep here is just getting shuffled to an exotic destination on the trip of a lifetime.

Home on the trike

Is this thing even legal? The guy is driving a trike that doubles as his mobile home. He’s seated what looks to be a good 10 feet above the ground, so good visibility definitely isn’t a concern. But what about stability? Should he take a tight turn a bit too fast, he, his trike, and his house might go down in a heap.

funny camping photos

@CampingRoadTrip via Twitter

Yard sale. That cabin thing on the back even has a generator and some windows to vent things out a bit. Does it have a kitchen sink and shower? Hopefully. How, though, does the driver get up to his command center? That, alone, seems like a struggle and a half.

Lambo ’n’ laundry

Supercars are not made for this. They are not supposed to be used as drying racks in the middle of a field at some festival. Supercars have a lot of cool features, like going super fast and looking really cool and not being able to go over speed bumps. But using the scissor doors to hang laundry?

funny camping photos

@bayareawildernesstraining via Instagram

Come on, now. That just seems disrespectful to whatever factory worker assembled this orange beauty. As the saying goes, to a man with a hammer, everything is a nail. Well, in this case, to a man with some laundry, everything is a potential drying rack.

Bag ’em up

Three peas in a pod. Look at these friends, staging a classic sleeping bag jumping photo. They aren’t concerned with the exorbitant price tag that comes with the new, high-tech sleeping bags. Nope, these triplets just want to have some fun in the sun and sand; they just want to get a photo to document the trip of a lifetime on the beaches of who-knows-where.

funny camping photos

@TimeOut Dubai via Twitter

In all seriousness, props to this friend group for having the vision and coordination to pull off this photo. They had to time the jumps perfectly to be in stages, like the guy on the left being airborne while the guy on the right is already back in the sand. Job well done.

Don’t forget the Mrs.

Can’t forget the big four when pulling into a KOA campground. KOA, short for Kampgrounds of America, is a car camper’s paradise, replete with bathrooms, tables, firepits, and other amenities. People have so much fun staying at KOA campgrounds that when they leave, they often forget some essentials related to their personal lives or RVs.

funny camping photos

@Lets_BonFire via Twitter

For instance, are your RVs steps up, or are they on the ground waiting to smash into something? Do you have your wife, or is she lost in the woods picking wild mushrooms for tonight’s chicken marsala meal? Thanks to the friendly folks at KOA, one doesn’t have to worry about this kind of thing anymore.

GoPro? GoFujifilm

GoPros are expensive as all hell. And rightfully so. Those tiny cameras are packed full of amazing features that help the average Joe look like Tony Hawk. But, as we just said, GoPros are very pricey. So what can you do if you can’t quite afford one? Grab a Fujifilm disposable camera and a roll of duct tape and strap that bad boy to your bike’s handlebars.

funny camping photos gopro video

@REI via Twitter

The only problem is this camera doesn’t take video, so while you’re shredding down the mountain, weaving through trees, you need to wind the camera and snap it. That means only one hand on the bike. Mountain bike novices, please be careful.

Heels and poles (no, not that kind)

If this isn’t the most innovative lady on the planet, then shucks, we don’t know who is. The snow has fallen and she has to trek somewhere in her heeled booties. So what does she do? She grabs her ski poles that haven’t been touched in five seasons, throws on a heavy overcoat, and starts trekking. Nothing will stop her from reaching her destination.

funny camping photos

@VictorHurdugaci via Twitter

Hopefully for this lady, her booties are made of leather and are somewhat waterproof, because, despite her best efforts, having wet feet all day at work sucks. And as you know, having wet feet for prolonged amounts of time leads to one of WWI’s greatest killers, trench foot.

A for effort, F for execution

Son, what are you doing? Setting up a tent can be a pain, sure. But is it thaaat bad? Is it really that hard? No. Set up the tent, fight through the struggles, then crawl inside to your new, humble abode. It’s that simple. But all of that requires some amount of effort, something this guy wasn’t willing to do.

funny camping photos

@rvbloggercom via Instagram

Nope, he would rather take the tent and all the equipment out of the bag, throw it on the ground, and pass out on top of the tent. Not inside it; no, outside it, on top of it. Could he have had one too many beers? Maybe. Could he have had way too much vodka? Sure. However you spin it, though, passing out on your tent like this is downright sad.

Life on the road

When you live your life on the road, you can’t take any shortcuts. Your life belongs on your back, and anything you don’t pack or bring with you is left behind. As they say, “Use it, or lose it.” Well, this man took that maxim to heart and brought it all, from the kitchen sink to what appears to be a film projector.

funny backpacking photos

@the_bridge_to_insanity via Instagram

While everyone may be caught up in the absurd luggage tower, it’s important to recognize how strong his back must be to carry that impressive load. One small misstep and the man and his entire life will come tumbling to the earth in what would be a horribly painful accident.

Screaming ain’t going to fix it

Look, your tent has been flipped upside down. The contents are everywhere, and your perfect day on the beach has taken a turn for the worse. That’s life for you. But as boxers can attest, life isn’t about how many times you get knocked down, it’s about how many times you get up.

funny camping and hiking photos

@east_coast-adventure via Instagram

So this young lady needs to take that message, absorb it, and live it. She needs to right her proverbial ship, flip that tent, and turn that frown upside down. The day isn’t ruined, and neither is the potential for a great, like-amassing Instagram photo. You just have to believe!

Florida being Florida

What’s more Florida than this? We’ll save you the headache of trying to think of a thousand and one things that might be more Florida than this and answer that question for you: nothing. Do people really need signs informing them not to feed or molest gators? Is that what life in the 21st century has evolved (or is it devolved?) to?

funny camping and hiking photos

@merrelloutside via Twitter

These things are giant armored lizards with razor-sharp teeth and immensely strong jaws. Under no circumstances do these animals look safe to pet, unlike the smiling, fluffy golden retriever that lives next door. What’s even more disturbing is the sign also clarifies to people not to molest gators. Seems like sound advice.

A good stretch for a good girl

When you have the finest feet in the game, protecting them becomes everything. They can’t get wet, they can’t get cut up, and they sure as all heck can’t get muddy. Nope, muddy paws are not acceptable for power pups like this girl. Although she appears to be a rugged husky-type breed, she clearly isn’t all about the outdoors.

funny camping photos

@2husketeers via Instagram

Look at that purple harness. It screams “regality.” Now look at that stretch. It says all you need to know about her feelings toward the river below. This pooch wants to be indoors, lying on a microfleece blanket. She doesn’t want to be venturing in the woods with her owner.

Fawning over you

Either the deer is really clueless (deer in headlights), or the cat is really bold. Because this is not a normal interaction between two like-minded individuals. There’s also a gross size mismatch. Nonetheless, the deer and the cat are hanging out very close to each other. And the crazy part about it is neither of them seems too concerned with the other.

funny animal photos camping

@Fails Show via YouTube

The cat is just relaxing on his back, waiting for the perfect moment to take a swipe at the deer with those little paws. The deer simply looks confused, but willing to make a new friend. Ah, if only we, humans, could act more like these two. Then we’d all get along a lot better.

Fishing is a serious sport

People often get fishing wrong, as many have proven before. There’s arguably no feeling more exhilarating than that first earned catch. This lady tells us with that smile, just how awesome it is to show the fruits of her labor.


Typically when on a fishing trip, a picture-worthy moment would be when you catch a sizeable fish. These people clearly didn’t catch that memo with what’s likely the first catch of the day after a long battle with figuring out how a bobber works.

‘Built Ford Tough’

A four-door Ford F-150 is not cheap. You’re paying for that craftsmanship that comes with every vehicle that is “Built Ford Tough.” The problem is, being built Ford tough doesn’t mean the truck can support a full-size camper attached to the truck’s bed. This camper looks like it’s designed to be placed in a truck bed that is at least five times bigger.

funny camping photos

@morningcrowdesigns via Instagram

We’re not engineers over here, but even a quick eyeball test would have been enough to determine that this truck does not fit with this camper. The owner, however, didn’t exercise good judgment on this one and decided to go for it anyway, and the damage looks costly.

Can someone make sure he’s still alive?

Someone prod this man to make sure there are still signs of life. This man gets an A for creativity and innovation. He wasn’t prepared to sleep on the ground. Actually, he just wasn’t prepared at all. If he was, he would have had a tent and sleeping pad. But he didn’t. So he assembled whatever he could to create a makeshift bed and get some kind of sleep.

funny camping photos

@REI via Twitter

When this poor fellow wakes up, his spine is going to look like a deformed banana. Legs and head on two folding chairs while his core is planted on a cooler full of Busch Light. At least he has a sleeping bag and a hat to keep his head warm. At least he has that.

Oh, really?

That’s a lot of confidence right there, ma’am. Look at that face. She knows her super aerodynamic hydrating vest is blocking some crucial letters on her T-shirt. And she’s completely fine with that. Because she knows her shirt has two meanings, a double entendre, if you will. Ignoring the shirt for a second, let’s take a moment to appreciate her water vest.

funny camping photos

@steak.over.cake via Instagram

It’s got a sternum and upper-abdomen strap. It’s engineered with little pouches for energy bars and has an integrated area for the CamelBak hydration system. What’s even cooler about this thing is it makes you at least 10% faster on runs of 45 minutes or more. Simply put, it’s amazing, just like her shirt.

Cat as a hat

By golly, it’s a cat as a hat. The dog is so comfortable in his own skin that he’s allowing a natural-born enemy to reside on top of his dome. Cats and dogs usually go together like oil and water. They are usually as compatible as a nice hunk of red meat that’s being cut with a dull butter knife. But these two are out to show that opposites can, in fact, attract.

funny camping photos

@camping247 via Instagram

Does the cat look happy? Not particularly. But does he/she look upset? Also no. As for the dog, he/she looks perfectly content. There’s almost a zen-like feeling you get when looking at the pup. Eyes shut, autumn colors, and a feline up top. Nothing better, folks.

Cactus Jack

Did this guy try and fall in a cactus bush, if that’s even a thing? Did he try and get in the most compromising position possible? The situation is so dire that there are at least four EMTs and firefighters addressing the situation. That’s a lot of resources for one man covered in cactus spines. It’s just mind-blowing imagining the circumstances under which this occurred.

funny camping photos

@simplyhike via Twitter

Also, did someone spot him and call 911 on his behalf, or did he use the last of his strength to whip out the phone and call for help? We don’t have definitive answers to these questions, but we do know that it appears everything will be OK.

Dirt with a side of dinner

Look at these buffoons. Dropping their pasta into the dirt. The first rule of camping is to protect the pasta. Everyone knows that — except for these sandal-sporting adventurers. Also, are these two actually going to salvage this catastrophe and eat the mac? Hopefully not, because there is no coming back from a spill like that. The dirt is here to stay.

funny camping photos

@tmitchellbrown via Instagram

On the plus side, there’s got to be some vitamins and minerals in the soiled mac. And this brings up rule two of camping: Always, without exception, carry a backup box of macaroni, because you never know when a severe case of the spills will set in.

Lightweight alert

Man, you need to have some water in between all of those Tecates! Everyone knows how important hydrating is while having a night out on the town or in the backyard. No one wants to pass out in their chair, facedown, with their shoes on. It’s really not a great look. But, alas, it happens to the best of us. Sometimes you get lost in the grilling and drinking and before you know it, one burger and one beer turns into two burgers and 12 beers.

funny camping and hiking photos

@BackpackerFails via Twitter

And 12 beers turns into shots of moonshine and at that point, all bets are off. The night will go where the night will go, and there’s no stopping it. Your precious lawn chair may end up folded in half, unsalvageable. And the entire night will only be remembered through photos, like this one.

Potato Chip Rock

On the outskirts of San Diego, there’s a hiking trail that leads to Potato Chip Rock. It’s a popular hotspot because the summit of this hike has a natural formation that makes for some amazing illusions.


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A post shared by Josh Tan (@joshdtan)

The thin, stone slab juts out over a cliffside, and with some clever camerawork, can make for some pretty great shots. It draws people from all over the world to capture fun photos like these. do it for the ‘gram.

Amazing leggings

We have to give it up to this person who did a remarkable job staying objective and counting their blessings during hard times. This Amazon shopper took a tumble on a hike, captured on camera.


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A post shared by 52 Weeks 52 Hikes (@52weeks52hikes)

Despite the slip, apparently what the hiker noted during this time was how grateful they were that their leggings didn’t tear. We can definitely appreciate their glass-half-full disposition – after all, happiness is a state of mind. And yes, we ordered some of these leggings.

The Mufasa Moment

For all the beauty and grandiosity the Great Outdoors can bring, there’s no doubt that there’s also dangers out there. These guys are doing their part to remind everyone to keep their heads on a swivel on the trail.


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A post shared by John Cosgrove (@c_grove048)

Luckily, the guy who’s face we can see doesn’t look too worried, and thee way his hand other hand is resting lets us know that this is just a drill. Actually, if you ask us, the guy who’s reaching out to ‘save’ him looks like he’s under more duress.


When we take our dogs out on the trails, we’re hoping they’ll have a great time running around and exploring. But not all dogs are the same – some are rather high maintenance hiking partners.


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A post shared by Wes Anderson (@elevatedspores)

Other than having to carry his 70-lb dog quite a distance, this user also noted that the dog had run at him full speed and knocked him clear off his feet!

Next time, this bubbahs can just hang back.

Bribing your hiking partners

Note to hikers: If you want anyone to ever go hiking with you again, you need to go easy. Just because that 8-mile, 2000-foot elevation gain is no big deal for you, doesn’t mean it’s not a big deal to other people who aren’t quite as seasoned on the trails as you.


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A post shared by Ashleigh (@ashleighfish)

One woman had to learn that lesson the hard way. Her son doesn’t look like he’s having a great time….and that’s even after her backup plan – a brand new tube of Pringles – had been deployed. Bet that this kid never wants to go hiking with mom again.

Shoe down

As this hiker learned the hard way, you can never really fully appreciate how much of a difference wearing shoes makes on the trail than when you lose one along the way. Hopefully they had some tough feet!


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A post shared by Ben (@bengrosvenor2)

To make things even worse, there was no recovering it. The shoe was swept away quickly by a river as the hiker stood by watching helplessly. We can only hope that they were near the end of their trek and that they didn’t have to go miles with just one shoe.

Not like that

Nothing like your first time on the trails – the new smells, sites, and experiences. For all the novelty of a first hike, might be prudent to watch a video or two of how it’s done.

We’re not entirely sure what’s going on her…not only is this hiker on their hands and knees, but they are facing a direction that if followed, would break one of the vital rules of hiking for beginners (and heck, even the experienced) which is: ALWAYS stay on the trail.  Hopefully whoever took this photo pointed them in the right direection.

Can’t predict the weather

When we go camping, we’re all hoping to relax a bit in the Great Outdoors, taking in the scenery, maybe cooking up some marshmallows over a fire. But that’s not always what we get, as these Australian campers found out.

The waterfront campsites were immersed when the water levels rose quickly and unexpectedly. But can we all take a moment to appreciate this camper’s can’t-bring-me-down attitude? Hey, gotta roll with the punches sometimes.

Forgot the stakes

Nothing like coming back to camp after hiking all day long only to realize that all your stuff is gone. In order to reduce thee odds of this happening, always secure the tent.

These campers captured their tent being swept away from by the wind because they hadn’t anchored the tent down. While they might be able to chase it down, by the looks of the air that thing is getting, they might have to go quite a way. Live and learn.

Send help

This dog didn’t come all this way just to be locked up inside yet again. Isn’t that why we all came out in the first place. Sure, this hole is clearly to small for this dog to fit all the way through, but that doesn’t mean it’s not going to try it’s hardest anyways.



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A post shared by Aida And Loki (@aida_and_loki)

This dog looks like it might have gotten stuck like this, and even squeezing its head through the opening was a struggle, evident by the way its face looks like its being pulled back by the opening.

Hopefully, someone recognized what this dog was trying to do (it was pretty obvious) and helped it out.

High Tide

Selecting a tent site can be tricky. Potential pitfalls include noisy neighbors, distance from the facilities, or rocky ground. One of the first things to think about when choosing a place to pitch your tent near a body of water? Tide and water level. If it looks like you’re too close to the water, you’re probably too close.

A tent is set up in several inches of water on a riverbank

Via Reddit

Rivers can change stage dramatically due to snow melt, rain upstream, and even wildlife activity (think: beavers.) When camping near bigger bodies of water, the tide plays a key role. Make sure you check for signs that the water occasionally reaches past the banks before you make the final call. Think it’s gonna get soggy? Pull up stakes and move a few yards further. Can’t hurt!

Bucket n’ Chuck-It

When asked what they dislike most about camping, the answer from many surveyed was loud and clear. The whole bathroom situation. Don’t be caught out when nature calls. Make sure to think of your sanitary needs before you even reach the campsite or trailhead.

5-gallon bucket converted into a toilet

Via Imgur

The classic ‘bucket n’ chuck-it’ works wonders when paired with a bit of pool noodle, as seen above. Still, don’t forget the TP and a way to wash your hands! Leaving a pump bottle of soap and a water setup with a tap can be clutch when you’ve gotta take care of business. With a little planning, you can turn a camping nightmare into an unforgettable experience. With millions of stars and the sound of nature, the wilderness can be a 5-star outhouse.

Getting Squirrelly

Small or large, every accident is serious in the wilderness. It’s always a bad day when you require an ambulance, but even more so when it involved a squirrel. We’re not exactly sure what happened here, but it must be one heck of a story… Think twice before you take risks in the woods as rescue may be difficult or impossible depending on how remote your location is.

A woman is strapped to a gurney while smoking a cigarette. A young boy behind her holds up a dead squirel

Via Reddit

Lucky for this woman, the ambulance was easily able to reach her. Based on her face, she’s not too amused. We’re guessing the EMT was holding in a big laugh, given the situation. Whatever led to this incident, one thing is clear – it could have been avoided. Next time, before you have a ‘hold my beer and watch this!’ moment, consider how silly it will look in hindsight. If the answer is very, just don’t.

Not staying hydrated

Depending on how close a source of potable (drinkable) water is from your campsite, you may have to pack in a whole lot of water. When you can simply turn the tap and take a long, luxurious shower, it’s hard to imagine where that H2O comes from. When you have to trek gallons and gallons of the stuff, it doesn’t seem quite as easy.

A woman drinks from a large beverage cooler while standing next to a young girl who drinks from a red Solo cup while they stand in a river

Via Reddit

Either way, it’s crucial to stay hydrated when you’re spending time outside, especially if it’s hot or you’re working or playing hard in the sun. A good rule of thumb is to have at least a gallon of water, per person, per day. Less than that is almost definitely not enough.

Overloading your vehicle

You’re probably bringing more than you need. Full stop. After you pack, ask yourself if you really need every piece of gear. Then ask yourself again. Then a third time. Then just leave it. Overloading your pack can be uncomfortable or exhausting. Overloading your truck can be fatal. Remember, it’s only a few days – you don’t need the kitchen sink.

a distressed pickup truck is loaded with lots of camping gear and a rooftop tent

Via Reddit

This also applies to the gear you think is indispensable. Are you car-camping or staying at a campsite near a store? You probably don’t need 3 rolls of duct tape and a dozen boxes of matches. Bringing the kiddos? They can make do with only a few toys, the great outdoors is a perfect playground. You’ll be happier, safer, and less sore from carrying all that extra stuff.

Age-appropriate activities

The towering remote summit of that distant peak may beckon to you, but not necessarily to your 2-year-old. It’s important to remember that your hiking partners may not be as fit, willing, or able to make a long trek as you are. This is especially true when you’re (literally) dragging a little one kicking and screaming into the wilderness. If they haven’t had much experience with the terrain, distance, or technicality of the hike you’re attempting, try easing into it with more gradual steps, first.

A baby is being dragged by the arm by a man while hiking

Via Imgur

This lesson has also been learned by countless dog owners, too. Little pairs of legs and feet (or paws) may want to keep up with a more seasoned hiker, but find they simply fall short. For every step you take, your munchkins and furbabies may take as many as ten. That can add up to a whole mountain of work to get up that, well, mountain. Have some empathy for them and consider all the variables. Super hot or cold out? Remember that kiddos and pets both need the right footwear – that can mean dog booties or proper hiking boots for the kids.


They don’t call these large, precarious branches “Widdowmakers” for nothing. Just a few inches in either direction could have resulted in disaster for this camper. For that reason, it’s always a good plan to look up before you settle on a spot for the night. If there are large branches above you, especially on a dead tree or in high winds/rain, think twice. Just because a tree has withstood the rigors of many years doesn’t mean it will stay standing for even another day.

A large branch sits on a camping tent where it fell

Via Reddit

Many seasoned outdoorspeople aren’t afraid of anything except widdowmakers. In an instant, things can turn deadly. There’s also little you can do, besides just moving on to a safer spot. Unlike wildlife or adventure risks, the good news is you can completely eliminate all risks from widdowmakers through some smart thinking. If you don’t think you’d be comfortable hanging your car from the branch, don’t sleep under it! Problem solved.

Down the tubes

OK, so we’re kind of torn here. Is this a camping fail or the most genius hack we’ve ever seen? The answer is – yes. While a little bit of dirt (A.K.A. ”Trail Spice”) reputedly improves the flavor of any food, it’s best to avoid any serious unsanitary conditions. You can still try to wash your hands before handling or eating food, clean all your cooking gear with soap and water, etc. Yes, fire kills germs, but this one may be kind of a stretch.

A toilet repurposed as a BBQ/cooler. The tank is filled with ice and beer, the bowl is filled with charcoal

Reddit u-Elijah_Emmitt

We have to admit, the cooler setup is pretty next-level. It’s hard to fault this backwoods MacGyver for their handiwork. It’s def. multitasking at its finest, plus it’s repurposing and upcycling, right? Just check twice before you take a seat. Things can heat up – fast. Yikes!