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Floyd Mayweather’s Pre-Fight Routine Is Pretty Surprising

Floyd Mayweather is arguably the greatest boxer of all time. The Champ retired undefeated at 49-0 and came back for one last win against Conor McGregor last summer. Naturally, to achieve that level of dominance, Mayweather had to work extremely hard. Here is how Floyd Mayweather preps for a big fight.

Eats What He Needs When He Needs It

Ezra Shaw

Mayweather used to have a personal chef on call 24/7. What he ate largely depended on what weight he was aiming for, but he consumed a lot of protein and veggies. His body needed fuel for the insane workload he adopts before a fight.

Studies The Enemy

Ethan Miller

Mayweather doesn’t just watch tape to get to know his opponents. According to a former training partner, he researches his opponent’s background and their family.

Reactivation Camp


To gear up for his fight with McGregor, Mayweather attended a ten-week “reactivation” camp. It’s called that because the goal is to reactivate his muscle memory. Mayweather’s routine there is absolutely grueling.

Cardio And Strength

Ethan Miller

Typically, while at reactivation camp, Mayweather takes care of cardio in the morning and strength training in the afternoon. Cardio might consist of laps in the pool or five-to-six mile runs.



At other times during camp, Mayweather jumps into the ring and spars like his life depends on it. Observers note that he’s one of the hardest workers they’ve ever seen. But Mayweather’s sparring would be useless without the next thing on his list…

Fine-Tuning Technique

Esther Lin/Showtime

When he’s not sparring or building fitness, Mayweather’s fine-tuning his technique. It’s here that he cultivates his lightning-fast speed – the reason no fighter has ever beaten him.

Active Recovery

Christian Petersen

Mayweather also uses active rest or yoga to balance out his training routine. This helps minimize the risk of injury, which has become increasingly important as Mayweather ages. It also goes hand in hand with Mayweather’s next practice.

Listens To His Body


The Champ has commented that he isn’t too rigid with his schedule. He doesn’t force himself to wake up at a specific time, but rather allows his body to get the amount of sleep that it needs.


Paras Griffin

The public was surprised to see how relaxed Mayweather seemed the week before his bout with McGregor. The Champ spent hours each day, even during the middle of the night, chilling at the strip club he owns. But perhaps the most unexpected practice that factors into Mayweather’s success is the next one.

Grooming Ritual

John Salangsang/AP

The day before his match with McGregor, Mayweather received extensive grooming. The Champ got the whole package – pedicure, manicure, haircut, etc. If his impeccable career is any indication, this ritual works wonders for him.

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