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Floyd Mayweather Spends His Fortune On Ridiculous Things That’ll Make Your Head Spin

There are plenty of millionaires in the world, but few of them spend their money as ridiculously as Floyd Mayweather. From private jets to more shoes than your entire family will ever need in their lives, Floyd “Money” Mayweather takes the cake when it comes to outrageous celebrity spending habits. Mayweather says he likes to spend because he had nothing growing up – but can now afford everything he needs. Let’s take a closer look at some of the extravagant expenses Mayweather has, shall we?

Two Private Jets


Mayweather has not one but two private jets, both fully equipped down to the golden cup holders. Each jet even has an onboard kitchen, and cost the champ about $34 million.

A Personal Barber

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Jackie, his barber, says that Mayweather spends about a whopping $3,000 a week on haircuts. She even cuts his hair on his private jet.

Lots And Lots Of Shoes

NY Daily News

We all love shoes, but apparently, Mayweather loves them more. He loads up! Unlike the next item, we assume he gets at least two uses out of each pair.


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If this sounds ridiculous, that’s because it is: Mayweather only wears a pair of boxers one time. He then throws them away, and puts on a fresh pair. We’re doubting the cost of laundering them is offset here.

Dozens Of Cars

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Mayweather doesn’t just have a few cars. He has an entire fleet. In fact, he actually bought all-white cars for one of his houses, and all-black for another.

Expensive Golf Carts

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Mayweather’s son Koraun wanted a Bentley golf cart, so Dad bought him one – because he’s Floyd Mayweather. If that seems lavish, wait until you see his glamorous music player.

Gold and Diamond iPods

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Before his fight with Conor McGregor, Mayweather puzzled fans by appearing with a golden iPod hanging around his neck. There’s a report circulating that he also has a separate diamond-encrusted iPod worth over a million dollars, but that seems like a stretch. In addition to fancy jewelry, Mayweather also has a side-hustle that’s pretty expensive…

Betting on Sports


Mayweather loves to place big bets on sports teams and athletes. Over the years, he has dropped hundreds of thousands of dollars betting on college football and professional basketball, among other sports. He’s actually pretty lucky, too — he once bragged on Twitter about winning $200K from a bet placed on Johnny Manziel. Now let’s take a look at how this big spender treats the ladies in his life.

A Monster Engagement Ring


Mayweather gave his former fiancee Shantel Jackson this sweet rock, reportedly worth $5M. They’re not together anymore, though apparently, she does want to keep the ring.

Two Homes Worth Millions Of Dollars

One Sotheby’s

In case one home wasn’t enough, Mayweather bought two monster pads. Of course, each one is worth millions. He owns one home in Beverly Hills, California; the other is in Las Vegas, Nevada.