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Ex-Bulls Guard Ben Gordon Out on Bail After Robbery Felony Charge

Trouble seems to follow Ben Gordon around, as the former Chicago Bulls star was charged in connection to a felony robbery incident in downtown Los Angeles Saturday.

According to reports, police responded to a distress call at an apartment complex where the former NBA guard was renting. The 34-year-old allegedly got into an argument with the apartment manager regarding the security deposit.

When the victim said that he couldn’t get the money, Gordon punched him in the face, which seems to be an unfortunate trend with the Bulls recently. He only stopped when the manager gave him part of the money.

However, Gordon later returned, armed with a knife, demanding the entirety of the security deposit. Police later arrested the former UConn star.

The Chicago Sun-Times reported that Gordon already made bail for $50,000 and was released from custody on Tuesday.

He’s set to face the court on Dec. 19.

This was not the only instance when Gordon got into trouble in the past five months. Back in June, he pulled fire alarms in the same apartment complex where he threatened the manager with a knife.

Last month, he locked a woman in the bathroom of the store he owns following an argument. He was ordered to undergo a psychiatric assessment as part of his punishment.

Gordon was also recently flagged and issued a ticket in Manhattan for a forged license plate.

Before Gordon’s recent run-ins with the law, the NBA journeyman earned $84 million in his 11-year career.

Fans across the nation saw the 2004 National Champion, as he had stints in Detroit, Charlotte and Orlando after starting in Chicago. He also played in the D-League earlier this year in hopes of returning to the NBA. In July 2009, he signed a $50 million contract for five years with the Pistons and another two-year contract with the Magic for $9 million in 2014.