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Dwaye Wade Talks about Cleveland Cavaliers’ Trade

Dwayne Wade has believed for quite some time now that he would eventually come back to the Miami Heat. However, he thought that it would occur in a free-agent deal in the coming summer and not on a Thursday while he was on his way to Cleveland’s practice facility to workout with Lebron James.

According to Wade, agent Leon Rose sent him a text message saying, “Call me 911.”

“So if you get a text like that and the trade deadline is coming up and you know the team that you’re on is going to be very active, you know something is going down with you,” Wade said. “And my mind went right to, ‘No, it’s not Miami. There’s no way.’ My mind went right to that because I felt like that’s the only other place I can be.”

He got it right. Wade is now back in Miami, his NBA hometown. He has returned to the Heat, and is going to be traded as part of the massive roster shake-up that Cleveland is doing.”I always felt that one day it would happen,” he said in an interview. “For me, it’s always been a hope. You just don’t know how or when you’re going to get there.”

The star player said that he intends to debut again during Heat’s game against the Milwaukee Bucks. It’s the Heat’s only home game until February 24, and Wade does not want to keep the fans waiting. “I’ve missed them and I know they’ve missed me,” He said.

Wade is Miami’s all-time record holder in games, points, shots made and shots taken, and assists and steals. He said that his mission is to help the team reach its potential.

Wade’s family is thrilled, and his teammates are, too. Lebron James even wished Wade well, both in person and on social media.