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Durant Says His Desire for Repeat Championship Causes More Technical Fouls

Golden State Warriors scoring champion, Kevin Durant has been ejected from the court five times during this season as he was constantly been given technical violation penalties. His recent ejections happen to be three times more than the previous seasons combined together.

Interviewed by ESPN’s courtside anchor Chris Haynes, the NBA superstar says, “It’s just my emotions and passion for the game. After winning the championship [the previous season], I learned that nothing much hadn’t change. I thought it will fill a certain [void]. It didn’t.”

He also added how he realized during the offseason,  “That the only thing that matter is this game and how much work you put into it. Everything else off the court, social media, perception, isn’t important. What people say, how they view you, it’s not important.”

Durant explained his increasing technical fouls from the 2017-2018 seasons saying that it had to do with the burning desire to do a repeat championship for the Golden State Warriors.

He also added during the ESPN interview that what they “did on the team was special, and I want to experience that again.” The forward-playing Warrior came back after a 6-week absence from the game following his recovery from a rib injury sustained from the previous games.

He was quick to pick up his 13th and 14th technical fouls just for this season, with each happening just seconds apart. This resulted to an automatic ejection during the second quarter and causing the team a terrible game loss to the Milwaukee Bucks.

If Durant happens to commit two more instances of technical fouls, he would be automatically suspended from a game during the league. He says, “I love this game, and I am trying to do whatever I can to help my team get back to where we were last year. That’s what I am excited for.”

“That’s why you’re seeing this passion from me. Before, I used to care about the game and the lifestyle. Now, all I care about is my love for the game, the pureness of the game. This is me.” Durant also confided.

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