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Drexel Pulls Off Miracle vs. Delaware in Comeback Win After 34-Point Deficit

At one point in the game, Drexel was trailing 53-19 with more than two minutes left in the first half.

Everybody in the building thought it was over, but a group of boys in golden uniforms did not lose hope. As the buzzer sounded, they just found themselves in the record books—the largest comeback in Division 1 history.


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Coach Zach Spiker said that nobody was despondent going into the locker room.

“Look, this has a chance to be the craziest comeback, a perfect storm. We turned it over, we came out soft,” he said. “The opposite happened in the second half.”


Delaware came out hot in the three-point line in the first half as the team hardly missed. Drexel guard Tramaine Isabell, who scored 29 points in the win, said that their opponents couldn’t have sustained that hot shooting in the second half.

When the buzzer started in the third quarter, the mood clearly changed as Drexel came out very aggressive. They then started the third quarter on an 18-4 run. Delaware would mount a defense as the team pushed back the lead to 16.


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Drexel then finished the game with another 17-4 run for a final score of 85-83.

Delaware scored 56 points in the first half and Drexel matched that number in the second half, while their defense and a bit of cold shooting limited Delaware to only 27 points. The Dragons entered the game ranking 192nd in adjusted offensive efficiency.



Isabell said they were taking it one possession at a time, and never even looked at the scoreboard. They were focused on getting some stops and making baskets on the other end. Meanwhile, the coach remains animated as he screamed at the players during timeouts.

“After you hear that a couple times, you [start thinking], ‘We were just down 25 points seven minutes ago, maybe this is possible,’” he said. “And we just made history.”

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