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Drew Brees Turned Down Large Offer to Return to Saints: Rumors

The New Orleans Saints have locked up their quarterback position as Drew Brees renewed his contract with the team.

In doing so, the 39-year-old reportedly turned down a much more lucrative offer from an unnamed team, according to the rumors. Reportedly, this team offered $60 million guaranteed money for two years.

In contrast, the contract signed by Brees with the Saints only had $27 million in guaranteed money.

In the league where the quarterback’s value is gauged upon how much money he signs, Brees is an outlier. Compare his deal with Kirk Cousins or Jimmy Garoppolo, for instance, who reportedly signed for $84 million in the past year, while Alex Smith signed a contract with $71 million in guaranteed money.

Brees told ESPN that the thought about demanding a big contract crossed his mind, especially after knowing how much the other quarterbacks are getting. He said the league is very big on the “market value” of the player. Kirk Cousins or Aaron Rodgers may probably set a record contract for a quarterback this offseason.

“But for me, this was about putting our team in the best position to go win a championship in the next few years,” he said. “I’ve made it very clear from day one that I was always gonna be a New Orleans Saint as long as they would have me.”

The Vikings and a few other teams reached out to Brees’ agent, Tom Condon, and while there were probably much more attractive offers, Brees decided to follow his heart.

In fact, he hinted as much when he apologized to Condon for taking less money. But he said that his purpose was different from the other players on the agent’s stable.

“In most cases when my agent would begin to open his mouth about another team, I would not even let him finish the sentence,” he said.