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Did Donald Trump Undercut Jon Bon Jovi in Buffalo Bills Acquisition?

Back in 2014, President Donald Trump and Jon Bon Jovi were rivals in the bid to acquire the Buffalo Bills.

Neither was successful in the acquisition, more so the rocker who had to wade through what had become a nightmare PR when the Bills fans turned against him after rumors surfaced that he’s going to move the team to Canada.

Now, new information has come to light that pointed to President Trump as the mastermind behind the grassroots campaign, called the 12th Man Thunder, which has been calling for the Bills to remain in Buffalo, said ESPN.

If the allegation is true, it does jibe with the scorched earth policy that the billionaire has been known for. Among the campaign before were massive online and offline signature drives that urged the public to boycott Bon Jovi’s music in all platforms.

One of 12th Man Thunder’s leaders, Charles Pellien, said that he wanted to come clean at that time and tell the people the truth.

Michael Caputo, the former PR consultant for the Bills, admitted that it was indeed Trump who initiated the campaign to undercut Bon Jovi but only because he was convinced that the “Because We Can” singer will move the team to Canada. It should be mentioned, however, that Caputo worked for Trump during his presidential run.

Caputo, however, conceded that Bon Jovi was the frontrunner and what he and his group was willing to put out was much more than Trump’s budget. But running the campaign against Bon Jovi, the President wanted to get the fans to side with him in order to keep the team in Buffalo. Caputo added that Trump had nothing against Bon Jovi but was working on the interest of the Buffalo fans.

“It was always his intention to come in here on a white horse and save the team,” he said.

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