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Dog Skips Rope Like A Champ And The Crowd Goes Wild

Dogs are man’s best friend, right? That might explain why so many dogs have taken up human-like hobbies. After all, what man doesn’t enjoy a bit of skipping? OK, there are a lot of men who don’t skip, but that’s beside the point. In today’s world, what’s to stop a dog from skipping? Nothing. That’s what.

Dogs Skipping Rope Is Not New

Some of the most dramatic dog photographs ever taken involve our furry friends skipping rope. For example, this amazing pic of a dog skipping rope in China with an army officer.

Business Insider

We assume that there was no coercion needed to get this pup to play. Both the dog and the soldier look like they’re having a bundle of fun. We’d bet that the photographer was too.

Florida Is Animal-Friendly

The Florida Gators are, clearly, an animal-loving team. Their mascot, after all, is an alligator. And the school’s sports fans are famous for the Gator Chomp. Though we’d be a bit worried if they were going to make actual gators skip.

USA Today

Although, these two adorable gator mascots could probably skip rope without leaving fans terrified.

This Brings Us To The Skipping Dog

It was worth the wait, we promise. At a recent Florida Gators game during the half-time break, the crowd was entertained by a delightfully happy dog and his jump rope. As you can see from the video at the end of this piece, the dog took to skipping rope for the crowd with the grace of an Olympic gymnast. He had mad rope skills to show the crowd.


In turn, the crowd cheered for the dog like he’d made 200 baskets and was going to single-handedly win the championship that year. That makes us happy. It proves that not only are dogs man’s best friend but men can be a dog’s best friend too. We hope you enjoy this as much as we did:

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