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Dennis Rodman Says War is not on Agenda of Kim Jong-Un

The unofficial spokesperson of the highly reclusive strongman of North Korea has again come to the defense of his “friend.” During his visit to Guam, Dennis Rodman was naturally asked by reporters to weigh in on the tension between the United States and North Korea. The five-time champion has been an official guest of Kim Jong-un multiple times.

The 56-year-old said that the North Korean leader never once talked about politics when they were together. “We don’t talk about stuff like that. To me, he does not want to have war,” he said. “It may sound like that on the news, but I see that Donald Trump and him … it’s more like two big kids deciding who’s the toughest.”

It’s interesting that Rodman would choose Guam as the venue to talk about North Korea and his friend Kim Jong-un.

Just last month, Hawaii reactivated the siren not used since the Cold War amid the threat of the long-range ballistic missiles from North Korea.

Japan and Guam both went on a massive information dissemination campaign to educate residents on what to do in case of a nuclear attack, and the ensuing fallout. The tiny country already fired intercontinental missiles twice this year in a series of tests. It also test-fired a hydrogen bomb, reported TIME.

But Rodman said that he could not see North Korea launching a missile against anybody it perceived to be an enemy. The NBA rebounding king said that he talks with Kim Jong-un “all the time” but “never heard him say anything like that to my face.”

This is why Rodman is convinced that what’s happening now between Trump and Kim is a proverbial pissing contest—a game of politics more than anything. Nevertheless, he said that if in the remotest event that Kim makes good on his threat to launch ballistic missiles on Guam, he will be there. “If you guys can take the punishment, I’ll take the punishment, too,” he added.

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