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Deals And Steals: Black Friday Gifts For Every Sports Fan

Deals And Steals: Black Friday Gifts For Every Sports Fan


black friday 2018

Let’s leave the boxing to the boxers and the fighting to the martial artists, and let’s leave the stealing for the thieves. This Black Friday, let’s keep it civil. For those brave souls who venture out into chaos that is Black Friday, here’s the definitive guide to buying the best gifts for the avid sports fan, outdoor junkie, or fitness enthusiast. Side note: getting a LeBron James jersey WILL NOT give you his abilities. It will make you look pretty stylish though.

Fitbit Charge 3

If you have a pulse, you need one of these. How else are you supposed to count your steps and flights of stairs? What about your heart rate? But seriously, these handy little gadgets double as a watch and fitness tracker. Plus, they’re sleek, slim, and waterproof. Besides tracking your activity, Fitbit tracks your inactivity and records how much you are sleeping and how well.

black friday 2018

With up to seven days of battery life, staying fit has never been easier. And after a big Thanksgiving meal, your new Fitbit can tell you just how many calories you’ve burned off, and how many you have to go to work off Grandma’s stuffing. Get up to $50 savings on a Fitbit Charge 3 at select stores including Target and Kohls.

Next up: Antonio Brown’s favorite off-field activity

Madden 2019

It’s back! Everyone’s favorite video game has returned for another year. Madden 2019 features Antonio Brown on the cover and is loaded with new features that make the game as fluid and authentic as ever. First and foremost, the game is 4K ready, so the quality is unmatched.

black friday 2018

Next up to bat is EA Sports’ new Real Player Motion technology, which gives players the most realistic motions and movements. No more crazy jukes or spins. Madden has now harnessed the power of physics. As for the other features that make this the best Madden yet? Well, you’ll have to see those for yourself and get the game. Pick up the game at most major retailers for $30 instead of the usual $60.

Next up: America’s favorite basketball game

NBA 2K19

If football isn’t your go-to and Madden just doesn’t cut it, don’t worry, 2K has your back. The cover athlete is the Greek Freak, Giannis Antentmepuko, so you know the game is going to have some explosive features. Most notably, players in the game have a “Takeover Meter” that enables to maximize their abilities once the meter fills up.

black friday 2018

So shooters like Steph Curry are going to be even more precise from beyond the arc while lockdown defenders like Kawhi Leonard can make game changing stops. Per usual, the 2K graphics are on point as is the in-game commentary. While you may not be able to enough to hang with NBA players in real-life, 2K19 is the next closest thing, and it can be all yours for $30, down from $60.

Next up: Time to get fit

Garmin Fenix 5

Admittedly, this watch is a bit pricey, but if you are into running, hiking, and adventuring, there isn’t a more perfect companion. Put down your compass and your iPhone. Ditch the trail maps. The Garmin Fenix 5’s most robust feature is its ability to track your runs and your location. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the middle of the woods or lost in a new city.

black friday 2018

This watch will pick up your location, track where you’ve been, and help you figure out where you’re going. It’s pre-loaded with virtually every hiking/running trail and it’s waterproof up to 100 meters. Plus it has an incredible battery life. Aside from the map feature, the Fenix can track sports such as swimming, skiing, golfing, and paddling, allows for text message alerts, and tracks training results and techniques. And that’s only skimming the surface of its advanced capabilities. The watch (aka lifesaver) is available on Garmin’s website for $400, $150 off its original price.

Next up: Going pro has never been easier

GoPro HERO 6

We all know your extreme and always going on the coolest trips doing the raddest things. And now we have the proof. That’s because you went on Amazon and saved a boatload of money on the GoPro HERO 6. The GoPro is waterproof, adventure proof, and life proof. It can go to the highest peaks and the deepest depths.

black friday 2018

With 4K video, multiple mounting options, and a Bluetooth connectivity, there isn’t a task too tall for this conveniently sized super-camera. But seriously, there’s no excuse for not buying this sweet product for you or a loved one. Right now, Amazon is offering $65 off the original price, and big box retailers will be sure to follow suit and throw in some pretty sweet deals, like a free memory card or case.

Next up: A gift that will stretch you out, not your wallet

Foam Roller

Ok, this isn’t the flashiest gift on the market, but it may be one of the most thoughtful and practical. It also won’t break the bank. Think about it. Fitness is all the rage today in 2018. And with everyone exercising and trying to look good for Instagram, the rate of workout-related injuries has increased dramatically. So let’s prevent those tight muscles from putting you on the disabled list for the foreseeable future.

black friday 2018

Let’s keep those hamstrings limber so winter isn’t spent hibernating on the couch. Head over to to browse deals on this amazingly simple yet useful piece of exercise/ fitness equipment. There’s a plethora of options to choose from ranging from rigidity to length, and there’s an abundance of good deals to be had. Keep an eye out for sporting goods stores such as Dick’s to offer some crucial discounts.

Next up: A full-body workout that can travel with ease


Gym memberships can be awfully expensive, and mustering the motivation to head to the gym after work can be tougher than the workout itself. Enter the TRX, a revolutionary home workout system designed by a U.S. Navy Seal. The idea is simple, and the results are great.

black friday 2018

Use body-weight exercises to replicate any exercises or motions you would do in a gym, except the workout can be done from the comfort of your home. Just strap it to a doorway and get moving. Now you’ll be able to shred your abs without tearing a hole in your wallet. Seriously, this product is an indispensable piece of equipment. Head to to check out coupons and promo codes.

Next up: Getting the wheels turning

Peleton Bike

What you won’t be is the next Lance Armstorng. What you can be is the fittest version of you, all thanks to the Peleton bike. No more spin classes. No more expensive gym membership to sit on sub-par stationary bikes. The Peleton system brings it all to your house.

black friday 2018

Complete with live classes, over 5,000 on-demand classes, and the ability to track your progress all from your home, the Peleton system is redefining fitness, one rider at a time. In addition to the biking, the Peleton system offers other fitness and yoga classes, so getting a complete workout has never been easier. The only downside to this impressive system is the price, but thanks to Black Friday deals, one can save big on these bikes.

Next up: A gift fit for a king

LeBron James Lakers Jersey

It doesn’t matter if you are a Lakers fan or not. If you like the game of basketball, then you have to respect LeBron James, and there’s no better way to show that respect than wearing his new jersey. Now with the Lakers, there isn’t a player in the NBA who looks more sharp than King James, and now is the perfect time to get an authentic Lakers jersey.

black friday 2018

Head over to for huge savings, like 65 percent off most items and free shipping on all products. Important to note: NBA jerseys are currently excluded from the 65 percent off sale, but the free shipping still applies. And, if you really can’t stand LeBron, is replete with gear from every team in every league, so there’s no shortage of options to rock your favorite team’s apparel.

Next up: Hitting the club

Top Flite Golf Set

Golf is a timeless sports, and when you’re knees are no longer with you, the game of golf still will be. When your time on the hardwood or gridiron has expired head over to the links. And make sure to head over with a new Top Flite 2018 XL 13-Piece Complete Set.

black friday 2018

The set includes every club you’ll ever need from drivers to putters and comes with a comfortable stand bag to get your gear from one hole to the next. The set was originally $220, but thanks to 31 per cent savings, it can be yours for just $150.

Next up: It’s gotta be the shoes

Air Jordan 10s

When Jordan returned to basketball — wearing the number 45 — following a brief stint playing minor league baseball, he did so with style. He was wearing the new Jordan 10s, one of the most recognizable shoes he’s ever worn.  Although Jordan’s are notoriously pricey, Foot Locker is offering a pretty sweet deal that can help you arrive to the courts looking and feeling good.

black friday 2018

So even if you can’t nail a three point shot to save your life, you’ll have some of the freshest kicks on the court. Right now you can the grab Jordan 10s in a classic red and black colorway for $150, down from $190. Oh, and don’t worry, shipping is free on this product.

Next up: The most stylish way to hydrate

Hydro Flask

Everyone has them. Literally everyone. Having a Hydro Flask is more than having a water bottle. It’s a fashion statement, a lifestyle statement. It says I stay hydrated AND I preserve the environment at the same time. But seriously, these bottles are great. They keep your drink either hot or cold for hours on end, are super durable, and look great.

black friday 2018

Coming in a variety of colors and sizes, there’s a Hydro Flask for every thirsty soul on the planet. And if everyone had one of these bottles, the world would be a much cleaner place. So do your part and pick one of these up for you or a friend at, where everything is 25 percent off.

Next up: And the beat goes on

Bose SoundSport

Running sucks, so does working out. It’s just boring, and it befuddles us here at how anyone could workout before headphones. How could someone just jog on a treadmill in a stuffy little gym for hours on end? Thankfully, those days are a thing of the past, and athletic, sweat proof headphones from Bose are a big reason why.

black friday 2018

The Bose SoundSport Wireless headphones are sweat proof, waterproof, and wireless, and with Bose’s superior product engineering and design, these headphones sound great no matter what. They’ll block out the grunting at the gym or the pounding of your feet on the pavement, and on a full charge, these bad boys lasts for six hours. Pick them up at Target for $100, a $50 discount.

Next up: Sock it to ’em

Stance Socks

Socks are in right now. No more boring white socks. Today’s all about wearing your heart on your feet, not on your sleeve. Once the forgotten fashion accessory, socks have made a roaring comeback, and it’s Stance Socks footing the movement. Today, the sock company sponsors notable athletes such as Klay Thompson and James Harden and is the official sock provider for the MLB and NBA.

black friday 2018

With unlimited styles from pictures of actual players (these are photographs ingrained in the sock) to team logos, there’s a Stance style for every foot. Head to Dicks Sporting Goods or other big box sports stores to find the best deals, such as 50 percent off Red Sox socks and 30 percent off Steph Curry photo socks ($10 and $18, respectively).

Next up: A loving lid

Lids Store

There’s  top for every pot, and a lid for every kid (or man or woman). Head into Lids, the hat store in virtually every mall in America, to pick up the newest styles or the most classic looks, like a fitted New Era MLB cap or a warm beanie featuring your favorite college team.

black friday 2018

For Black Friday, Lids is offering 30 percent off any purchase greater than $24 and free shipping on all purchases. So for the Yankees fan needing a new hat or a Bears fan just trying to make it through another cold Chicago winter, Lids is the perfect spot to gear up and begin looking good from head to toe.

Next up: Same city, new style

NBA City Edition Jersey

When Nike took over as the NBA’s official jersey provider, they immediately made a plethora of nice upgrades, and one of the upgrades was the NBA City uniforms. Essentially these are alternate uniforms for each team that capture and embody each city’s unique spirit.

black friday 2018

They are full of local “flavor” and offer fresh designs for the sometimes stale uniform designs we’ve become accustomed to.  For jerseys, check out our favorite online shop for big savings. However, some jerseys are excluded from the deals, but free shipping should apply on any purchase. Also, keep an eye out for Dick’s Sporting Goods to offer some deals on jerseys.

Next up: The taste of victory never looked so good

2018 World Series Gear

Yes, World Series gear is usually limited to a select group of happy fans (the victors), and in this year’s case, fans from the Northeast and Boston. But for those fans, now is the perfect time to stock up on 2018 championship gear. The next best thing after watching your team win the World Series is getting the gear that goes along with it.

black friday 2018

So dive head first into all of the awesome championship apparel in the “shop” section of There you’ll find 20 percent off most items with free shipping. Rubbing in 2018’s World Series victory to that annoying Yankees fan next door has never been easier (or cheaper).

Next up: Going back to college

Official NCAA Apparel

Gone are the glory days of college, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still rock your school pride. Although you may not being doing keg stands anymore, you can still feel like you’re there amidst the action by adorning your team’s jersey, hat, or, for the bold, ugly sweater.

Black Friday is back yet again with some pretty impressive deals. Looking for a Joey Bosa Ohio State jersey? They’ve got it, and it’s only $75 (originally $100). Need a Jordan brand zip-up Michigan hoodie with dry-fit technology? Look no further, and it’s 25 percent off. With virtually every Division-I program on and free shipping, finding the right gear at the right price has never been more simple.

Next up: Hook, line, and sinker

Fishing Deals At Bass Pro Shops

Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and he eats for life. But to teach a man to fish, you yourself must have a fishing rod. Plus, a garage without a fishing rod is like a car with three tires: incomplete.

black friday 2018

So get off the couch and drive to Bass Pro Shops to save 25 percent off a Browning Fishing X-Bolt Baitcast Rod and Reel Combo. It’s the real deal. If that deal didn’t lure you in, there’s an abundance of other fishing-related deals that will get you out on the water (or the pier).

Next up: Seeing 20/20

Leupold BX-4 Binoculars

2018 is the year to explore, considering our planet is disappearing at a rapid rate. So there’s nothing like seeing what remains of our beautiful planet than through an impressive pair of binoculars. Birdwatchers, hunters, gatherers, and nature enthusiasts rejoice, because Cabela’s is offering discounts of up to $100 on select pairs of binoculars and up to 17 percent off other versions.

black friday 2018

Cabela’s is basically begging you to get outside and view nature through a brand-new lens. Take the Leupold BX-4 Pro Guide 8×42 Binoculars. They’re lightweight, work well in low light conditions, and are fully waterproof. Get them today for only $450 (originally $550), savings so clear you can’t miss it.

Next up: Life’s better in HD

Vizio 60″ T.V.

Ok, this gift isn’t sports specific, but what’s better than watching your favorite team on a brand new 4K resolution television? Nothing, that’s what. Not even being there is as good as relaxing on your couch in front of your wall mounted beauty. One of the top deals this Black Friday is a Vizio 60” 4K television.

black friday 2018

It’s 4K display is crystal-clear and it’s equipped with Smart TV technology, meaning you can connect it to the internet or your Netflix account wire and hassle free. Plus, it’s got Google Chromecast built in, so surfing the web on your big screen is pretty much seamless. So, you must be asking, where can you get this incredible deal? America’s favorite do-it-all store: WalMart. Right now, WalMart is offering $100 off and free shipping, so your total price is just $600, an amazing offer considering how powerful this TV is.

Next up: A pack for every back

Osprey Hiking Packs

Osprey is the Cadillac of hiking and backpacking packs. They are comfortable, durable, and supremely functional. Plus, all products come with Osprey’s lifetime guarantee. If the pack breaks under proper use, they’ll repair it or ship you a new one. Now that’s standing behind your product. Check out for a wide array of deals on Osprey packs.

black friday 2018

Right now, they are offering 20-25 percent off, so packs that originally cost $150 are just $112. Made of durable, water-resistant materials, Osprey packs are highly functional and very customizable. Thanks to their proprietary Anti-Gravity suspension system, finding a comfortable fit is a breeze.

Next up: Pitch (a) perfect paradise

New Tents At

Similar to the Osprey packs, head back to for the same awesome deals that will get you outside. Nothing ruins a camping trip like a heavy, leaky tent. So upgrade your gear and get ready to spend some (dry) nights under the stars.

black friday 2018 offers tents that can fit any number of people from just you to you and your entire family, and there are tents foe every budget. Literally, there are tents that are just $100 and some that cost upwards of $5,000. But whatever your skill set or climate that you’ll be camping in, a tent is a necessity, and no proper outdoor enthusiast can venture outside without one.

Next up: Can’t forge this

Autographed Aaron Rodgers Football

We’re not saying Aaron Rodgers is the GOAT, but we’re also not saying he’s not. Yet, with Green Bay’s porous offensive line, his body is taking more hits than ever, and his playing days are steadily winding down. So, to commemorate his career  or give a fitting gift to that passionate Aaron Rodgers fan, the one who always asserts that he is in fact the GOAT, you need a signed football from the man himself.

black friday 2018

But be careful, sites like eBay are full of counterfeit, unauthenticated products. That’s why we recommend heading to They are offering free shipping, $30 off, and an authenticity guarantee. The ball is pricey ($600), but in the near future, it’ll be worth a substantial amount more. Plus, you’ll put your mind at ease buying through a reputable site.

Next up: The GOAT of games

Spike Ball

What’s the point of going to the beach without one of these? They’re all the rage and for good reason. Tanning gets boring. So does swimming. But the fun that is Spike Ball is endless. If you are unaware of what Spike Ball is, we strongly encourage you to go to YouTube and check it out.

black friday 2018

But the premise is simple: there are two teams, one ball, and a miniature trampoline. Team A has to hit the ball off the trampoline in such a way that Team B cannot return it. Teams rally until one team fails to return the ball. Right now on, Spike Ball sets are being sold for $55, but expect that price to drop a hardy amount in the coming weeks.

Next up: Can you dig it?

Can Jam

Spike Ball’s slightly less popular cousin Can Jam is here to prove itself otherwise as the new king of backyard games. Can Jam is a decidedly less physically intensive game than Spike Ball but is incredibly fun nonetheless. Instead of diving for balls around a trampoline, Can Jam utilizes two cans with slots in them with opponents trying to toss a Frisbee into the slot to win the game.

black friday 2018

Players can also accumulate points by hitting the can directly with the Frisbee. Think of it like the game, Frisbee Golf. The set goes for $40, which is actually great value considering how many endless hours of fun this simple yet addicting game will provide.

Next up: An American classic

Corn Hole

All. Time. Classic. Cornhole is the backyard game to end all backyard games. Any good barbeque or bar is going to have a set or two. Arrange two boards with holes in them about 20 feet apart. Teams line up opposing one another and try to toss sand bags through the hole or, at a minimum, land the bags on the inclined board.

black friday 2018

The team with the most points win. So simple, but so fun. Sets can be very pricey but head on over to and browse the vast selection of Corn Hole sets that are available. For instance, an all-wood Viva Sol set that usually goes for a hefty $240 is now on sale for just $140 and comes with free shipping. Call that a hole in one.

Next up: Laying low and living large

ENO Hammock

If you have even one chill bone in your body, you’ll have an ENO Hammock (Eagles Nest Outfitters). If you don’t have one of these, you need to get one ASAP. They are small, versatile, and incredibly durable. Wherever you go, the relaxation will follow. String it up on a hike or between a few trees on a beach.

black friday 2018

And if your friend or significant other wants to get in on the action, ENO makes hammocks called “Double Nesters.” is offering deals you don’t want to sleep on. Right now a single nest hammock is $40, 53 percent off its original price of $85.

Next up: Finding your inner zen


Yoga today is what dance cardio was to the mid 90s. Hugely popular and incredibly trendy. It’s as much of a statement than an activity, and you’d be hard pressed to find a family member or friend who hasn’t become a total yogi over the past few years. The problem is, yoga apparel (and memberships) are incredibly expensive.

black friday 2018

A pair of Lululemon leggings can run upwards of $100. People it’s just spandex! Thankfully, other top brands such as Athleta started offering more reasonable prices without sacrificing quality. On, savings can be huge, ranging from 20 percent off sneakers to 70 percent off Yoga pants. To make these deals even more enticing, one will not be able to save any money at LuLu this year — or any year for that matter — because the Canadian company isn’t fond of Black Friday. Fortunately, Athleta has you and your legs covered.