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Davin Bellamy to Baker Mayfield: Humble Yourself

Just a short while after Georgia had its Monday night victory over Oklahoma in their College Football Playoff semifinal, linebacker Davin Bellamy of the Bulldogs yelled “Humble Yourself!” several times at Baker Mayfield, Sooners quarterback. Bellamy repeatedly said the remark as Mayfield was congratulating Georgia players.


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Mayfield never paid attention to Bellamy as he went around and celebrated Georgia players. Bellamy has never really gone after Mayfield either. Instead, he just continued doing interviews on the field. Nevertheless, Bellamy was still irritated by the way Mayfield acted.

“All I’m saying is humble yourself,” Bellamy said after Georgia’s 54-48 win in the Rose Bowl Game. “All the flamboyancy … I carry myself the same way, but humble yourself, man.”

He added, “Our wide receivers came back and told us that they were running their routes before we went out there and he was on their line. Just humble yourself, man, just humble yourself. You’re not built like that.”


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After the game, Baker Mayfield was asked about being yelled at by Georgia players.

Mayfield said, “They can say what they want, they won the game.”

The quarterback has already been involved in controversies and has been intensely criticized in the past due to his highly publicized outrageous behavior. This includes a crotch-grabbing incident as well as a couple of other antics that compelled him to make an apology earlier this season.

It was also earlier in this season that Mayfield got hold of a large Oklahoma flag after a win over Ohio State. The quarterback planted the said flag in the center of the Ohio Stadium. Later on, he apologized for his behavior.


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Mayfield was also involved in an arrest in February due to disorderly conduct and public intoxication. He fled and resisted arrest after a commotion outside a bar in Arkansas. This led to Mayfield getting an Oklahoma order, which required him to finish an alcohol education program and to accomplish 35 hours of community service.

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