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Dan Hurley Picks UConn Despite Huge Offers from Other Preps

Dan Hurley has come a long way from being broke. The former Rhode Island men’s basketball coach recently signed a contract with Uconn and will be receiving an annual salary of $3 million. Hurley has been through serious financial hurdles in the past and as CBS Sports reports, “I never had any money. Me and my wife never had any money. We were always broke. Always.”

espite being offered by several universities, Hurley chose the University of Connecticut because he saw some serious potential with the team. Pittsburgh and URI seriously had a bigger offer for him and it took him nearly a week to weigh in every angle.

He tells CBS Sports, “These types of decisions aren’t easy for me to make. It has a big impact on my family. Lots to consider. I just want to make the best possible decision.”

Hurley chose UConn over the other contingencies because of the opportunity and history of the team. He looks forward to making UConn better again. And comparing with his previous lineup at Rhode Island, Hurley says, “I’m like a fixer man. I love broken shit. I love fixing stuff. I enjoy improving things…I ‘d rather take a job like Rhode Island than take a turn-key job. I find it more rewarding. A more exciting challenge to create something from nothing.”

The former Rhode Island coach is known to have a Midas touch over teams he works with. Inheriting his poorly managed Rhode Island team, Hurley made a huge difference. He was able to get the team to its feet even making it to the top A-10 and winning the NCAA Championship games in several successions.

Hurley hopes to provide UConn with an even greater feat than what he previously provided for URI. He hopes to bring in the same influence as Jim Calhoun, UConn’s previous coach, and give them similar achievements that he did.

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