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15 of Cristiano Ronaldo’s Hottest Flings Who Have Us Sweating

15 of Cristiano Ronaldo’s Hottest Flings Who Have Us Sweating


gemma atkinson

The debate over whether Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi is the greatest soccer player in the world can go on forever. One thing’s for sure, though. No one’s got Ronaldo beat in the looks department.

Soccer’s… who are we kidding, sports’ most beautiful man in the world is an undeniable heartthrob, and he’s got an entire phone book of gorgeous girlfriends to show for it. These lovely ladies top the list—and what a list it is—of Ronaldo’s most stunning WAGs.

1. Karina Ferro

Karina Ferro kicks off this list of ladies who have gotten to know Cristiano Ronaldo better than anyone, because that’s exactly where she stands on CR7’s timeline of WAGs.

Ferro was the first beautiful face to be by Ronaldo’s side when he was really making his first breakthrough as a professional soccer player, way back in 2002.

karina ferro

Like Ronaldo, Ferro was born and raised in Portugal. Aside from dating the greatest soccer player in the world, Ferro is known for her modeling career. She and Ronaldo were dating before the unstoppable striker broke out as Manchester United’s world class star.

Ferro First

No doubt about it, the Portuguese model certainly got a nice boost to her own career, as her timing couldn’t have been better. The two were together while Ronaldo was still lacing up for Sporting Club de Portugal, or Sporting CP, when he made the leap to Manchester United in 2003.

karina ferro

Today, the brunette model has gathered quite the following of her own, boasting an impressive 15.4K followers on her IG account.

Outside of IG, Ferro has actually done quite a nice job at staying out of the spotlight – even her IG account is set to private! She probably enjoyed more than her fair share of paparazzi time with her famous former lover.

2. Jordana Jardel

Karina Ferro may have been Ronaldo’s first girlfriend when he was hitting it big, but it was Jordana Jardel whom the soccer star seemed to really fall head over heels for.

After Ferro, Ronaldo had another special someone in his time with Sporting CP. This time it was with then-teammate Mario Jardel’s sister, Jordana Jardel.

jordana jardel

Sweet mother of smokeshows, talk about being the ultimate selfless teammate. There are players who are willing to go the extra distance, then there are players who are willing to do whatever it takes for the betterment of their team.

Mario Jardel, you’re a legend and a better man than the rest of us for this one.

Teaming with Jardel

As if her stunning looks don’t already give it away, this Brazilian beauty makes a living as a model. Shocker, right? Ronaldo and Jardel dated for some time in 2003, making her the Portuguese striker’s first more serious long-term relationship in the public eye.

jordana jardel cristiano ronaldo


Serious as the relationship may have been, the couple only stayed together for a short time before breaking it off. Not even the striking beauty of this babe could keep a young Ronaldo locked up for long.

Notable as Jardel was at the time of their short-lived romance, she pales in comparison to the A-Listers that make this later…

3. Merche Romero

Next up on the list that is a revolving door of CR7 WAGs is the endearing Merche Romero. This exotic angel hails out of the tiny European state of Andorra, but, like Ronaldo, she also grew up in Portugal. Romero is known for her work as a model and television show presenter.

merche romero

While Ronaldo was with his last couple of lovely ladies in his time with Sporting CP, Romero was in a relationship of her own, though it was just a tad more serious than young Ronaldo’s teenage romances.

This heartthrob was actually married from 2001-04, but must’ve gotten over it quick, considering how quick she locked down Ronaldo.

More Romero

Romero, who is actually about nine years older than Ronaldo, which certainly must have been quite endearing to the Manchester United star, as the striker dated the Portuguese model and TV presenter for over a year.

This pretty pair dated from 2005-06 for roughly a year and a half, making this the longest relationship Ronaldo had in his time playing for Man. United.

merche romero cristiano ronaldo

Pens & Patron

Although Romero managed to stay mum about her relationship with Ronaldo while they were together, in October 2005, she announced on the Portuguese show So Visto! that their relationship was over.

Can we give Romero a Ballon d’Or of her own for best attempt at locking down Ronaldo?

4. Mia Judaken

After Ronaldo was believed to have had a short-lived fling with Portuguese actress and model Soraia Chaves in 2006 after the breakup with Merche Romero, it was on to the next one… the next model, that is.

Are we seeing a theme yet? Ronaldo’s tastes seem to trend in the modeling direction. How strange.

mia judaken

Next up on the list of lovers is Mia Judaken, yet another Portuguese model who makes us wonder why we didn’t put our entire life’s work into becoming the best soccer star we could possibly be. Though Judaken is Portuguese, this mysterious one is posted up out of Los Angeles.

Socialite Scuttlebutt

Since there’s quite the shrouded veil over Judaken’s private life, let’s get that rumor mill churning! According to reports, Judaken is a close friend of Ronaldo’s family, which is likely how her intimate relationship got… you know, a little more intimate.

mia judaken

The Los Angelino is known as a socialite around Southern California and, despite the many rumors of her relationship with the soccer star, she has vehemently denied participating in any “extracurriculars” with Ronaldo.

We’ll give a wink wink, a nudge nudge and go ahead and play along, because we all know that Portuguese models are the opposite of what CR7’s interested in.

5. Gemma Atkinson

Next up on the list of mind-boggling beauty is the ridiculously gorgeous Gemma Atkinson. This British buxom blonde hails out of Greater Manchester.

Growing up in England, Atkinson has carved out quite a career for herself. After working as a glamour model, she turned to stealing hearts on-screen.

gemma atkinson


As a glamour model, Atkinson was featured in lingerie and swimwear shoots for magazines including Arena and Maxim among others.

Atkinson has covered all the bases in the acting department having tried her hand at film, theater and television… even reality TV! She’s acted in comedy, horror, thriller sci-fi and Bollywood films and made a living on soap operas.

Manchester Model

The soap star known for her work on Hollyoaks (and all of its spin-offs) hooked up with Ronaldo in 2007 when he was rapidly rising to some of his greatest time on the pitch. Since Atkinson is from Bury and Man. Since United plays in Old Trafford—both suburbs of Greater Manchester—keeping close was easy.

gemma atkinson cristiano ronaldo

Well, keeping close was easy for about four months, at least. Could any of us really imagine Ronaldo sticking around with the same lady simply because they’re close and she’s a total babe and an incredible actor and a bombshell model? No, of course that isn’t enough for this pitch.

6. Bipasha Basu

Now this little love affair is where our Portuguese Don Juan really switches things up on us. Unlike all of his past flings, New Delhi native Bipasha Basu is an actress and model.

Okay, so by “different” we actually mean “identical,” but you gotta respect a man who knows exactly what he wants.

bipasha basu

Times of India

A successful run as a supermodel put Basu on the map and helped lead her toward a remarkably successful Bollywood career that has earned her a staggering 48 award nominations, 34 of which she has won. As for Basu’s love connection to Ronaldo, that story’s another winner.

Bollywood Beauty

Ronaldo and Basu didn’t exactly have the most permanent or serious relationship. Quite the opposite, in fact.

The Indian actress was spotted sneaking some kisses in with the handsome striker in 2007. The key point her is that this not-so-secret smooch session went down while she was dating Indian actor John Abraham!

bipasha basu cristiano ronaldo


Did somebody say scandalous?!

It’s believed this one-night stand was little more than just that, but talk about juicy gossip!

Hopefully, this was also only a one-time thing for Basu, especially considering she’s been married to Indian actor Karan Singh Grover since 2016. We think he’s enough hunk to hold off those Ronaldo cravings, though.

7. Nereida Gallardo

Well, well, well. Look who hopped right back in the glamour model game.

In 2008, Ronaldo took his talents to Spanish model Nereida Gallardo. This love affair lasted all of a month or so before things between the two went south. Try as the soccer star might to keep these sort of things under wraps, there’s no stopping a scorned lover.

nereida gallardo cristiano ronaldo

According to Gallardo, Ronaldo left his must have left his Prince Charming pants at home, because he apparently broke up with her via text.

Woof. Ronaldo was really flexing his Rico Suave muscles with this one, but he sure did end up paying the price for it…

Gallardo Glam

Gallardo already flaunts her modeling stuff for the more “adult” type of modeling, so you can bet someone who already reveals so much of her privates isn’t afraid to shed the privacy from her more intimate life.

The scorned lover made sure to announce to the world about how cowardly his breakup was.

nereida gallardo cristiano ronaldo


She also got payback by telling the world about her and Ronaldo’s steamy soiree of two in the sheets. According to Gallardo, Ronaldo went into the bedroom wearing skintight red pants with an elephant trunk on the front of… well, you’re just going to have to use your imagination with that part.

8. Paris Hilton

If we’re going to gossip about some of the most beautiful and famous celebrities in the world and their even more famous flings, is there really a world in which Paris Hilton does NOT make the list?

Sorry, fam. It’s Paris’ hotel, we’re all just staying the night in it.

paris hilton

In 2009—a few years after busting onto the scene with a certain scandalous tape followed by a wave of acting roles—the LA/NYC socialite found herself with the biggest soccer star in the world. Hilton has lived her entire life around fame and fortune, so she was a seasoned vet when it came to her relationship with Ronaldo and dealing with the paparazzi.

Hurtin’ Hilton

Hilton was fresh off a breakup with Doug Reinhardt of The Hills when she and Ronaldo crossed paths partying it up around Los Angeles in the summer of ’09.

This perfect paparazzi pair was spotted hitting the clubs together for a short stretch and didn’t make any attempts at hiding it.

paris hilton cristiano ronaldo

Daily Mail Online

Fast as she found her new fling, she’d already broken it off and wasn’t afraid to talk about it. Hilton, who is four years Ronaldo’s elder, said she cut ties with the soccer star, because he was apparently a sissy and not macho enough. Wow. Tell ‘em how you really feel, girl.

9. Kim Kardashian

Holy Hollywood, talk about a back-to-back for the Ronaldo Rocket!

There seems to be a trend emerging that suggests our tall, tan and tasty soccer star has a hankering for a very particular movie genre.

Apparently, Ronaldo got a taste for reality television after his Los Angeles love affair, having a second go at it with super celeb Kim Kardashian.

kim kardashian


Kardashian has had a slew of boy toys that add up to make for a ridiculously famous amalgamation of flings. Along with her entire music industry’s worth of relationships, including her current marriage to Kanye West, she’s got a proclivity for picking athletes.

Kardashian Krushin

From 2007-10, Kardashian and NFL running back Reggie Bush were a hot commodity. After they called it Splitsville, other athletes followed trying to keep up with this Kardashian, including a very brief romance with NFL wide receiver Miles Austin before a marriage to NBA power forward Kris Humphries that really “went the distance,” lasting three years.

kim kardashian


Before the reality star looked to the hardwood for lovers, she (allegedly) looked to the pitch for some passion. Ronaldo was spotted in Spain getting close and kissing while Kardashian visited Madrid for a short vaca. After soaking up the sun, she apparently got enough CR7 loving and the two went their separate ways.

10. Raffaella Fico

Ronaldo’s romantic relations took an even bigger step towards the risque when he was rumored to have hooked up with Italian model Raffaella Fico.

Fico is far from your average model. Though she works the runway, Fico’s also a showgirl who really made a name for herself after being named Italy’s Miss Grand Prix when she turned to reality television.

raffaella fico

This Italian seductress made headlines after appearing on the eighth installment of Grande Fratello, Italy’s Big Brother reality show. Having gained a newfound popularity from the show, Fico used the attention to her advantage by auctioning off a very special something that can only be “given up” once.

Fico Suave

The rumored relationship between Fico and Ronaldo may have been short-lived in 2009, but it sure must have gone well, because the Italian bombshell has had nothing but sweet things to say about the smooth striker.

Her other “relations” since Ronaldo have been slightly more scandalous.

raffaella fico

One of her other involvements was with the Prime Minister of Italy, Silvio Berlusconi, who was also the owner of the soccer team AC Milan. She was one of the girls who met at his, we’ll say “swing” parties. She also had a relationship with Italian footballer Mario Balotelli with whom she had a baby with.

11. Irina Shayk

We got a live one!

It seemed like we’d never make it back to a relationship of any real substance, but here we are. A very special shout out to Irina Shayk (or if we’re going official, Irina Valeryevna Shaykhlislamova).

If there’s anyone who could lock down soccer’s ultimate playboy, it’s this Russian runway goddess.

irina shayk

Shayk has pretty much modeled for every fashion magazine and clothing line that matters: GQ, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, Complex, Armani Exchange, Versace, Marc Jacobs, Givenchy, Victoria’s Secret, Guess, Avon, Saks Fifth Avenue – the list goes on.

Needless to say, Shayk’s beauty is so overwhelming that not even Ronaldo could walk away.

Shayk It Off

This unbelievably attractive couple first started dating in 2010, and there were even rumors that Shayk may actually be the one Ronaldo wants to wife up. There’s no questioning how serious the relationship was, as they remained together for over five years. Marriage was not written in the stars, however, as they went their separate ways in 2015.

irina shayk cristiano ronaldo

E! News

Don’t think Shayk is broken up over losing her soccer sweetheart. Not long after her breakup with Ronaldo, Shayk began dating Hollywood hottie Bradley Cooper. Things got serious fast, as she had already moved into the actor’s New York apartment in the West Village.

Yeah, we think she’ll survive just fine without her former boy toy.

12. Andressa Urach

Let’s get this out of the way right off the bat, mmkay? Stalking is bad – it’s creepy. Don’t do it, people.

Now, with that being said, this has got to be the most envy-inducing example of being on the wrong end of a stalker the world has to offer.

andressa urach

At the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, Ronaldo and his Portugal teammates were warming up a few days before their game against the United States when a boisterous, buxom and very big fan had to be escorted away from the field.

That fan was Andressa Urach, who claimed to have been much more than just a fan…


Urach is a Brazilian model and television personality who first gained attention as the runner-up in the Miss BumBum contest (nice). Between 2012-14, Urach hosted the comedy program Muito Show, which she used to get press credentials, so she could get into the World Cup game.

The Brazilian bum-shell showed up to the match with a Portugal jersey painted on her (double nice), and that wasn’t even the craziest part.

andressa urach

She showed up claiming to have had a one-night stand with soccer’s Casanova. Actually, nothing about that is really surprising, though it’s understandable to see why this would be problematic in Ronaldo’s eyes, as he had been dating Irina Shayk for some four years at that point.

On to the next bum.

13. Rita Pereira

An alleged run-in with Andressa Urach wasn’t the only night of infidelity (gasp), or so we’ve heard through the grapevine. Another apparent walk on the wild side Ronaldo enjoyed while dating Irina Shayk was a domestic threat.

The person of interest here is Portuguese actress and model, Rita Pereira, who is said to have had an affair with Ronaldo back in 2012.

rita pereira

Pereira’s rise to fame began working as a model, which landed her a job as Portuguese TV show presenter. From there, she made her acting debut on a telenovela then rose to fame for her role on Morangos come Acucar.

Playful Pereira

All of that fame gained from stealing hearts on telenovelas led Pereira to a Playboy shoot. That certainly did not help Ronaldo’s case when the rumors of their relations leaked.

The libertine denied any funny business with his purported playmate, but after Urach came out boasting about their encounter, it didn’t look good.

rita pereira cristiano ronaldo

Nova Gente

No matter what Ronaldo may have done to convince her otherwise, the evidence mounting must have been enough for Shayk to finally cut the cord. Many cite the rumors of Ronaldo’s hookups with Pereira and Urach as the reason for the power couple pulling the plug on their love life.

14. Lucia Villalon

Breaking up with the most beautiful woman in the world isn’t exactly the easiest thing in the world to handle, not even if you’re Ronaldo. Check that. In the world of CR7, even moving on from unrivaled beauty is totally doable and apparently not that big a deal.

Come on, dude. Try not being Macho Man Ronaldo Savage for just one day.

lucia villalon

Leather Celebrities

Soon after Ronaldo and his Russian model Irina Shayk’s relationship ended, he was already alleged to have moved on to another stunning beauty: The Spanish sports television reporter Lucia Villalon.

It’s a tough life, but, hey, someone’s gotta live it.

Viewing Villalon

While Shayk was already out of sight when Ronaldo received his third Ballon d’Or award. She was clearly out of mind too, as the gorgeous reporter and television presenter, Villalon, was pictured celebrating with him and his brand new shiny hardware.

lucia villalon cristiano ronaldo

The Spanish reporter and presenter is plenty active on social media and has a whole collection of pictures rooting on her favorite soccer club, Real Madrid.

It’s a safe bet that getting up close and personal with her sporting hero of her favorite team made for a much more memorable experience than simply watching a match from the nosebleeds.

15. Georgina Rodriguez

After a revolving door of indescribable beauty, it looks like Ronaldo really may have found the one with the gorgeous Georgina Rodriguez.

It’s believed Ronaldo’s Spanish sweetheart, a former Gucci employee in Madrid, met him in the VIP section of a Dulce & Gabana event in 2016.

gemma atkinson


The couple got serious quick, as Rodriguez got pregnant and gave birth to a daughter, Alana, a year later in November 2017. Now she and Ronaldo are looking like a happy family as the star striker plays soccer and she takes over mommy duties when she isn’t busy with her own rapidly growing modeling career.

Rodriguez Romance

Having a famous hubby like Ronaldo helped propel the aspiring model’s career. Essentially unknown before hooking up with soccer sweetheart, Rodriguez now has a cool 7.5 million Instagram followers!

The only thing crazy that that explosion in popularity is another famous—or infamous—family member, her father, Jorge Rodriguez.

georgina rodriguez cristiano ronaldo

101 Great Goals

Rodriguez’s father is a convicted drug kingpin, sentenced to 11 years in prison for trying to smuggle cocaine from Spain to France. After being freed from prison, he was again caught attempting to smuggle cannabis from Morocco to Spain.

Not that it’s ever been an issue before, but Ronaldo certainly won’t have to worry about getting bored with this family.


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