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Cricket Australia Players Involved in Ball Tampering Scandal Sent Home

Several Australian cricket players were sent home these last few days after they were found guilty of “ball tampering” during a game. The verdict about the Australian trios scandal came down 24 hours after they were caught committing such acts.

The cheating happened during Third Test’s final game against the South African team. The game which was held last Saturday in Johannesburg rocked the cricket world, bringing the Australian team into a muddy mess. A replay of the video taken showed Bancroft deliberately tampering with the state of the ball and hiding a tape in his trousers.

During the investigation, Steve Smith admitted being part of the ‘leadership group’ collaborating with other team members to tamper with the ball. The controversy led to the expulsion of Steve Smith, David Warmer, and Cameron Bancroft from the rest of the Johannesburg game. The investigation also led to harsher punishments from some of the cohorts.

Smith and Warner will not be to play for the team for 12 months, with Smith not being able to work as a team captain during the duration of his penalties. Bancroft was banned for nine months and Vice-captain David Warmer was stripped of his title on the team and banned from captaincy for life. He received the harshest punishment among the group.

According to reports from Independent, even the Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, has heard of the incident and calling the incident “a disgrace” to the whole Australian country. He says, “This cheating is… it is a disgrace. We all know that, it is a terrible disgrace.”

Turnbull also went on and added, “They [Australian Cricket team] now have to make sure that this great, national game, this great international game that is synonymous with fair play, is once again a game that is played by champions that everybody can look up to.”