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Remembering Colin Kaepernick’s Seminal Moment That Sparked Protest

Colin Kaepernick is somewhat of a pariah in the NFL, but he’s forever going to be linked to a protest action that not only drew attention to the racial struggle but also continues to institute changes in the league.

Back when the 49ers quarterback sat and later took a knee on Aug. 26, 2016 while the “Star Spangled Banner” blasted over the speakers, nobody really knew that it will trigger a chain of events that has the NFL reeling, and President Trump fuming.

Three days later, Trump took to his social media to blast the NFL athlete for disrespecting the flag. He also said that the 30-year-old should be better off moving to another country as he refuses to honor the national anthem.

Proving that his actions were more than a publicity stunt, Kaerpernick donated $1 million of his salary to various non-profits working for the needs of African-Americans and other minorities.

Kaepernick then said that he believed he’s making progress after reporting of receiving death threats.

“If something like that were to happen, you’ve proved my point and it will be loud and clear for everyone why it happened,” he said.

He became a free agent in March 2017, and rumors immediately began that NFL owners are not going to offer him a contract for fear of backlash.

In November, GQ named him the Citizen of the Year. Last month, Kaepernick was given the Muhammad Ali Legacy Award, which is handed out to athletes who use their influence to effect social change.

“I accept this award knowing that the legacy of Muhammad Ali is that of a champion of the people,” he said in his speech. “I accept this award not for myself, but on behalf of the people, because if it were not for my love of the people, I would not have protested.”