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Clint Bowyer Ends Very Long Drought After Winning STP 500

Clint Bowyer feels relief more than anything after finally getting her first win after 190 races when he captured the STP 500 Monster Energy at the Martinsville Speedway.

The 38-year-old scored the ninth NASCAR Series Cup of his career.

He told reporters afterward that he did feel frustrated after the long drought. In fact, there were instances that he was already panicking and doubting himself.

“Everybody knows last year was a lot of panic on my behalf. We’re expected to perform, and we’ve got this opportunity and we couldn’t put it together,” he said.

Surprisingly, other than Bowyer ending his drought, there was little drama at the Martinsville Speedway. The pace leader did not relinquish his position to Kyle Busch in the last 114 laps. He even had time to go to the pit stop midway through the match and still captured the Cup.

Bowyer also thanked Geen Haas and Tony Stewart for continuing to believe in him despite the losing streak. He said the win “is just a weight off the shoulders.”

“It’s been a long time,” he added. “You start to question if you can get it done or not. To have it come at this place meant a lot.”

Will Bowyer attend any of the after-parties after ending his long drought?

“I’m going to the hospital. That would be a safer measure for me right now — jump in whatever ambulance is here and beg them to take me to a hospital,” he quipped.

One thing that Bowyer won’t be able to celebrate his win was to go to the Final Four to watch his beloved Kansas Jayhawks. His wife, Lorra, pretty much shot that idea down in front of the media, no less. Apparently, their friend and two kids are visiting for the week and they’re going to be busy.

“So … I’m going to be watching in my basement,” he said.