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10 Things That Prove Cheerleading Is A Terrible Job

I bet you thought that cheerleaders had a pretty cushy life, right? Wrong. They are some of the most poorly paid people associated with football and worse, they’re expected to abide by some insane rules to keep their jobs. Check out these 10 principles that every cheerleader has to comply with or face the sack.

Weight Is Of Paramount Importance


There is no “differently healthy” plea in the cheerleading world. If you can’t keep to the weight that you’re expected to adhere to, you’re looking for another job.

No Romance, We’re Cheerleaders!

Grandes Ligas

Cheerleaders’ contracts usually contain a clause that prevents them from becoming romantically involved with players, coaches, assistants and… the mascot! The same clause does not exist in the players’, coaches’, assistants’ or even the mascot’s contracts.

Whatever It Takes To Impress An Audience

Sun Sentinel

Cheerleaders don’t make very much money, but they are expected to perform no matter what. This includes wearing the kind of clothing most women would refuse to wear in the bedroom.

No Sitting Of Any Kind


Cheerleaders are forbidden to sit down between cheers during practice sessions. They are also not allowed to have a drink of water while they are on the field.

Commando Is Compulsory

Fast Philly Sports

“Going commando” means going without underwear and in fact, cheerleaders are forbidden to wear any underwear during practices and games. They may, however, wear skin-colored pantyhose if they feel cold.

Cover The Costs Of Their Own Uniforms

The Cut

A professional cheerleading costume is $600-$1,000. Each cheerleader must buy a set of these from their own pockets. It’s an expensive way to earn a living.

Soup Is Deemed A Hazard

NY Times

Teams like to ensure that cheerleaders are fit for every situation, and thus many cheerleaders are required to attend training on “how to eat soup.” No, we’re not making that up.

Eyebrows Must Be Immaculately Groomed


Don’t think that drawing an eyebrow back when things go wrong will work – penciled eyebrows are a cause for dismissal. And brows better match the hair color, too.

Mandatory Manicures And Pedicures


Not only do cheerleaders have to get their fingernails and toenails done, they have to pay for it themselves too! You can’t even see their toenails when they work.

The Icebreaker Code

The Talko

Even the way a cheerleader begins a conversation with someone at a party is restricted. For example, talking about the weather is considered “trying too hard.”

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