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Cheerleaders Who Ignored The Rules And Dated Athletes

Many professional sports leagues have very strict rules that discourage relationships between cheerleaders and athletes. But the laws of attraction are much stronger than those printed in ink. Some of the relationships between pro athletes and cheerleaders ended up being quite successful, but not every story ended with a championship engagement ring…

Amanda Vanderpool

First let’s establish one thing, hockey cheerleaders exist. Second, sometimes they date hockey players. Anaheim Mighty Ducks cheerleader Amanda Vanderpool met NHL player Ladislav Smid through a hockey road trip. They dated but have since moved on – Amanda works as a model and on TV in LA while Ladislav now plays hockey for a Czech team.


Laurie Schaub

Before Matt Schaub was a starting quarterback, he met his future wife Laurie – who was cheering on the sidelines in Atlanta. Our next NFL quarterback went out with a dancer for their cross-town rivals instead of sticking to his own team.


Elizabeth Barry

While he was passing for the 49ers, Alex Smith traveled across the bay to date Raiderette Elizabeth Barry. This might explain why San Francisco had no problem sending Smith to Kansas City.

Bleacher Report

Vanessa Curry

Laker Girl Vanessa Curry was rumored to have had an affair with Kobe Bryant when she was only 18 years old. While it’s unclear whether anything romantic happened with the NBA star, Curry kept up her career in dancing and performed as a member of The Pussycat Dolls.


Kelly Stafford

Nowadays, Matthew Stafford is the star passer for the Detroit Lions. He met his current wife (and former UGA cheerleader) Kelly Hall while the two were attending college.

Inside Weddings

Jordan Fish

NASCAR driver Denny Hamlin and former Charlotte Bobcats cheerleader Jordan Fish welcomed their second child in 2017. It’s a pity that not all cheerleader/player relationships have such a happy ending.


Christy Oglevee

Former Washington Redskin Chris Cooley divorced his first wife to marry cheerleader Christy Oglevee. No prenup was signed and unfortunately, they divorced four years later.

Hogs Haven

Chloe Butler

Chloe Butler used to be a cheerleader for Australia’s Canberra Raiders rugby team. She had a brief relationship with former Raider Travis Waddell before joining a lingerie league. Good thing they didn’t reproduce like the next broken relationship.


Royce Reed

During her time with the Orlando Magic, Royce Reed started seeing star player Dwight Howard. The two apparently lost their magic immediately following the birth of their son.

NY Daily News

Kelsi Reich

Cowboys cheerleader Kelsi Reich started seeing Buffalo Bills wide receiver David Nelson sometime around 2011. When the two teams played each other, Nelson scored a touchdown and ran back 80 yards to give the ball to Reich as a gift. They’re currently married.

Dallas News

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