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Central Michigan Game Vs WMU Closed to Public After Fatal Campus Shooting

The final, regular season game between Central Michigan and Western Michigan has been moved from Friday to Saturday morning following the campus shooting at Mount Pleasant.

As an added precautionary measure, the game will also be closed off to the public and only family members are allowed to watch.

Steve Hawkins, the coach of Western Michigan, said that he was contacted by his counterpart in CMU on Friday morning to apprise him of the situation.

“CMU immediately contacted us and let us know that the campus was on lockdown,” he said. “We’re just being cautious with everything. Everybody was safe and accounted for, we’re all together, everybody just headed to their rooms.”

He also added that nobody panicked among his players because “our guys knew what to do.”

The location of the final game was also moved to the Morey Courts Recreation Center away from the Mount Pleasant Campus.

According to the report, a student of Mount Pleasant shot his parents inside his dorm room within the campus.

The suspect was identified as sophomore James Eric Davis Jr.

Reportedly, the student was taken to the hospital on Thursday night over a “drug-related issue.” He was released from the hospital on Friday morning just before the shooting incident occurred. His parents went to the school to pick him up but were killed in the process.

James Jr. escaped and is still the subject of a manhunt. Police consider him armed and dangerous, which was why the entire campus was on lockdown. The lockdown extended to the adjacent areas of the campus as the police expanded their search.

Western Michigan athletic director Kathy Beauregard tweeted on March 2, “The Broncos are all safely locked into their hotel until further notice. Once CMU makes any announcements we will pass it on.  The Broncos will assist in any possible way to support CMU and their community.”