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The NFL’s Biggest Celebrity Fans

The NFL’s Biggest Celebrity Fans


Tara Reid

Celebrities aren’t exactly the easiest people to relate to, as they appear on 30-foot screens speaking perfect lines devised by writers with music accompaniment. Swap the polished look and lines for NFL jerseys in jam-packed stadiums, and now we’re talking!
Here are 30 celebrities who take their football fandom to new heights.

Mila Kunis, Chicago Bears

You may know her as Jackie from That ’70s Show, now you know her as a die-hard Chicago Bears fan. That’s right, Mila Kunis has been seen at games with her hubby and former co-star, Ashton Kutcher. And, luckily for them, it isn’t too hard to be a fan of a decently successful franchise.

Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Prior to 1970, the Bears won eight championships with another coming in 1985. Since then, they haven’t won a Super Bowl, but have made multiple playoff appearances nonetheless. You know it’s true dedication when you show up to a Bears game in the frigid cold of winter.

Brad Pitt, New Orleans Saints

It’s hard to pinpoint the most well-known Brad Pitt movies: Fight Club, Interview with a Vampire, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, etc. But suffice to say, the Hollywood star is a solid New Orleans Saints fan. His son, Maddox, seems to be a even better one.

Brad Pitt

Chris Graythen via Getty Images

In fact, he’s known for chanting the Saints’ battle mantra “When The Saints Go Marching In”  after each win. Now that’s a true fan right there. The team has a reasonably successful history with a Super Bowl win in ‘09 and a frequent playoff contender during the Drew Brees era.

Katy Perry, New York Giants

We know there are fair-weather sports fans out there. Katy Perry is certainly no exception. In fact, she wasn’t really known as a Giants fan until they won the Super Bowl in 2012. Why wasn’t she seen around 2008, you might ask? We honestly have no clue.

Katy Perry

Al Bello via Getty Images

But hey, you can’t fault her for trying. Perry’s wholeheartedly taken to wearing Giants attire as seen here (perhaps she sees her fandom as more of a fashion statement than actually rooting for the team). At least it scores more publicity for the Giants.

Macklemore, Seattle Seahawks

You could say rapper artist Macklemore (also known as Benjamin Haggerty) has a special bond with the Seattle Seahawks, or any Seattle-based team for that matter. When it comes to the Seahawks, Macklemore shows his support for them through the thick and thin regardless of their success.


Ronald Martinez via Getty Images

He’s also a Seattle native. One of his songs titled “My Oh My” is an ode to former Seattle Mariner color commentator Dave Niehaus. You have to appreciate the fans that stick to their hometown teams, no matter what; Macklemore is certainly one of those.

Alyssa Milano, New York Giants

While you may know her as the Charmed actress, Alyssa Milano is definitely a sports fanatic. The Brooklyn native grew up learning to love her New York Giants among other sports. She launched a clothing line called “Touch,” which has items for sale related to NASCAR and the NFL (not limited to just Giants apparel).

Alyssa Milano

Cindy Ord via Getty Images for Sirius XM

But she’s also a woman of words and actions, too. Milano’s been seen raving over the Giants defense in multiple interviews, which shows she cares and, perhaps, even looks through the box scores. OK, so maybe she isn’t. But one can dream, right?

Mark Wahlberg, New England Patriots

It wouldn’t be a stretch to say actor Mark Wahlberg is a crazy serious New England Patriots fan. Why? In 2019, he apologized for missing the Super Bowl, even though we can probably assume he was busy shooting his next big film. But there are other reasons for his unique fandom of the Patriots.

Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

On top of being good friends with New England quarterback Tom Brady, Wahlberg has been distinguished as “probably the most vocal and forward-facing celebrity fan of the New England Patriots these days,” according to a Patriots Blog sports writer. Now that’s true dedication.

Stacy Keibler, Baltimore Ravens

Former WWE actress and model Stacy Keibler isn’t your average sports fan, and certainly not an everyday Baltimore Ravens fan either. At age 18, she became a Ravens cheerleader before embarking on her WWE career, which is pretty impressive. You seldom see cheerleaders entering the industry at that age on a professional level.

Denis Truscello WireImage via Getty Images

It’s also safe to put Keibler into the die hard sports fan category. This especially considering she used $10,000 in proceeds from her time as a Nitro girl for Ravens season tickets. She’s also never dropped her devotion for another team, making her an honest, faithful fan.

Tara Reid, Philadelphia Eagles

Former American Pie actress Tara Reid is, like many other celebrities, a Philadelphia Eagles fan. While she grew up in New Jersey, we’ve decided to give her a pass on this one. That is even though there happens to be an exhaustive list of celebs who root for them.

Tara Reid

Nick Wass via Getty Images

As for Reid’s most recent career developments, she has a prominent role in the whacky Sharknado series. Given her eyebrow raising career antics, we’re not sure whether she roots for the Eagles out of sheer randomness or because she simply likes their team colors. Either option is valid.

Jenn Sterger, New York Jets

Television personality and model Jennifer Sterger is a longtime New York Jets fan, with proof showing in her career and casual life. She certainly isn’t your typical fan, bordering on moderate fame thanks to appearing as a Gameday host and reporter for the team. She has made appearances in other sports, too, including the NCAA’s March Madness.

Al Pereira WireImage via Getty Images

You could say her career has taken many turns (unlike her fan loyalty). She’s appeared for Maxim as a model and was once a spokeswoman for Dr. Pepper and Sprint. She hasn’t shied away from the sports limelight, either. She’s married to MLB pro Cody Decker.

LeBron James, Dallas Cowboys

Known by his antagonists as “Queen James” and by loyal fans as “King James,” LeBron just so happens to be a fan of the Dallas Cowboys. We take this as both odd and fitting. Odd because he’s an Ohio native, which we would expect to translate to being a Cleveland Browns fan. 

Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Why do we find it fitting? Because he did the same thing when he left his hometown for the Miami Heat en route to two championships. So it’s somewhat reasonable to assume LeBron will claim loyalty to sports teams that are successful. So much for being faithful to the home fans…

Jessica Biel, New England Patriots

The 7th Heaven actress is a dedicated, faithful New England Patriots fan, along with her husband, Justin Timberlake. Both of whom have a fondness of the highly successful team, with Timberlake admitting to having a ‘bro crush’ on quarterback Tom Brady. But you can’t really blame the couple for their Patriotic embrace.

Jessica Biel

Dan MacMedan via Getty Images

After all, it’s hard not to cheer for arguably the best sports franchise of the 21st century, with six Super Bowl wins coming since 2000 and counting. And in terms of the man crush, Brady has reportedly said he has one for Timberlake, too. Looks like Biel may have some unprecedented competition…

Billy Murray, Chicago Bears

Few fans show the sort of unbridled love for their sports team like the hilarious acting great, Bill Murray. America’s favorite funny man shows his love for all Chicago sports teams, including his beloved Bears organization, making appearances as often as he can.

Bill Murray

Al Pererira via Getty Images

The former Ghostbusters star has been seen on the Bears sidelines in the unforgiving cold singing the team’s fight song and cheering them on through the thick and thin. It seems you can probably get away with adding the Caddyshack actor to the guarantees in life: Death, taxes and seeing Bill Murray at Bears games…for better or worse.


Paul Rudd, Kansas City Chiefs

Paul Rudd might seem like an average fan on the outside, but that certainly doesn’t reflect how he feels on the inside. It’s said during draft day, he records the results with his son, so they can watch it together. Now that’s true father-son bonding right there.

Jamie Squire via Getty Images

The star actor has seen plenty of new acting gigs throughout his career including Ant-Man, Clueless, Avengers: Endgame and many more. And for football, we certainly can’t question his dignity, as he lamented the Chief’s loss to the Patriots in the AFC championship game in 2018, calling it “awful” and “terrible” (despite the solid ratings).

Elizabeth Banks, New England Patriots

Former Mockingjay actress Elizabeth Banks has been torn between pledging her loyalty between the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots. And we can’t really blame her, especially since she went to college in Philadelphia. But according to an interview with, she said she will always be a “Massachusetts girl and a Pats fan.”

She’s also a sports aficionado in general with allegiances to the Portland Trail Blazers and other professional teams. Her fanfare loyalties also carry over to her career, too. Banks has been cast in roles in Seabiscut and football sports drama Invincible.

Samuel Jackson, Atlanta Falcons

Finally, a true break in the chain and a perhaps a fitting one: Samuel L. Jackson. He’s certainly not taken a backseat to his rabid fandom of the Atlanta Falcons. In 2014, he was  part of a campaign called “Rise Up,” during which he appeared in a video, rallying Falcons fans everywhere.

Samuel L. Jackson

Todd Kirkland Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

His roots go quite deep with the team, too. In addition to being the face of frequent ad campaigns, he revealed in an interview on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show that he used to sell food at a concession stand in the Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

Lindsey Vonn, Denver Broncos

You could say Linsey Vonn has sports pulsating through her veins. She’s a two-time Olympic gold medalist skier, dated legendary golfer Tiger Woods for three years and is a rabid Denver Broncos fan to boot. She just so happens to live in Colorado – great for skiing – and has frequently appeared on the Broncos sideline.

Lindsey Vonn

Doug Pensinger via Getty Images

Unfortunately, her stardom hasn’t been fully realized by some Broncos players. According to an interview with CBS Sports, she said, “…most of them don’t know what I do, necessarily,” adding that Von Miller knows plenty about her, but also noting that some of the players ask “What do you do, like, body-squats?”

Michael Phelps, Baltimore Ravens

Perhaps one of the most victorious Olympians in American history, Michael Phelps is an avid Baltimore Ravens fan. He’s taken to them quite a bit, too, considering he took the time to run out of the tunnel for one of their season games. He also happens to be friends with former Ravens star Ray Lewis.

Michael Phelps

Patrick Smith via Getty Images

But the earned respect goes both ways. During one of the Ravens preseason games, the team took a pause and watched Phelps during one of his 200 meter relays in 2016. Stopping a game – albeit during the preseason – definitely shows a certain profound respect in any case.

Marissa Miller, San Francisco 49ers

Sports Illustrated model Marissa Miller has an interesting past with the NFL and the San Francisco 49ers. On top of being a 49ers fan, she was instrumental in hosting the 2010 International Series Game between the San Fran-based team and the Denver Broncos in the UK.

Michael Zagaris via Getty Images

Miller’s no stranger to TV shows either. In 2004, she was cast as a judge in the Bravo series show Manhunt: The Search for America’s Most Gorgeous Male Model and has appeared in multiple NFL commercials. It’s not as if the sport needs more publicity than it already has, but we’re sure the fans don’t mind…

Blake Shelton, Arizona Cardinals

You can’t take away the Arizona Cardinals from bona-fide country singer Blake Shelton. Why? He just so happens to be a very passionate fan, as evidenced by his video “Why I am a fan”, during which he cites the team’s personnel and some of the upstanding players he has relations with.

Blake Shelton

Norm Hall via Getty Images

He’s even become a proxy general manager, of sorts, for the team as well. During an episode of The Voice, he tried to use his fame to recruit quarterback Kirk Cousins to the Cardinal’s cause. You can probably get away with labeling him as a cross between Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and a generic country singer.

Demi Lovato, New York Jets

The times are typically pretty tough for the average New York Jets fan. At least NYJ devotees can rest easier when popular celebrities come to help the cause. Lovato is no exception, as she’s been spotted taking pictures with former safety Darrelle Revis.

Demi Lovato

Al Pereira via GC Images

Her allegiance to the hapless Jets is certainly a strange one, considering she was born in New Mexico and has little to no ties to the sports team. But we’ll give her a pass, the Jets need all the fans they can get on any given year in light of their record.

Kate Mara New York Giants

You could say actress Kate Mara is steeped in the New York Giants franchise. On top of being a loyal fan, she is the great-granddaughter of Giants founder Tim Mara. Unlike many other fair-weather fans, Kate knows the history of the Giants quite well. She stated in a recent interview her favorite player is the legendary Lawrence Taylor.

Kate Mara

Neilson Barnard WireImage for Reebok via Getty Images

She’s made quite a name for herself, too. Since entering the movie scene – in terms of acclaim – in 1999, she has appeared in substantial roles in many films. Some of these include Brokeback Mountain, The Martian, Fantastic Four, Chappaquiddick and many more.

Ice Cube, Oakland Raiders

Prominent rapper Ice Cube is one of those fans who lives and breathes the team he pledges allegiance to. Cube has been seen wearing Raider gear virtually wherever he goes–a surefire sign of loyalty no matter what. He’s also very positive on the outlook of the team, too.

Digital First Media Group/Bay Area News via Getty Images

During a 2019 interview on Undisputed, he said he expects the team to get “at least two trophies” in the next five years. That’s high confidence to bet your team can win super bowls at a rate akin to the legendary New England Patriots. It remains to be seen if this will actually happen.

Meagan Good, New York Jets

Actress Meagan Good continues the trend of actresses who tried their luck in the actress/athlete dating scene. And like many celebrity/athlete relationships, theirs eventually failed. But you can’t say Good didn’t try. In doing so, she’s added to the long list of celebs who have pledged their allegiance to the Jets.

Meagan Good

Ray Tamarra via Getty Images

Unlike her past relationships, Good’s acting career is actually quite impressive. After starting as a child actor, she has appeared in many TV shows and movies, especially within the horror genre. Score another one for the star-studded NYJ fan base.

Nick Lachey, Cincinnati Bengals 

Former 98 Degrees band member Nick Latchey might seem like a nice guy in comparison to other celebrities, but don’t let his harmless appearance fool you. He will do just about anything for his Cincinnati Bengals team. In fact, he was kicked out of a Chargers vs. Bengals game after getting into an altercation with another fan.

Nike Latchey

Duane Prokop via Getty Images for Tide

Lachey later tweeted, saying the majority of Chargers fans were fine, that is except for the “one guy that ruins it for everyone…,” which coincides with the allegation the fan turned around and proceeded to give him the finger. Just make sure to not insult his Bengals…or his boy band of old.

Kate Hudson, Denver Broncos

You may know her from How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Almost Famous, The Skeleton Key and many more. That’s right, Kate Hudson is a passionate Denver Broncos fan. This may come as a surprise, given her more laid-back roles she’s chosen throughout her successful acting career.

Photo by Kevin Mazur/WireImage

She certainly doesn’t try to hide her love for the team, with many candid photos of her wearing Broncos paraphernalia. It’s not exactly hard to be a Broncos fan either. With three Super Bowl championships and multiple playoff appearances, the team is definitely a quality franchise.

Gisele Bundchen, New England Patriots

You know you’ve made it in life – by a long shot – when your husband, who is probably one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history, isn’t the main moneymaker in the home. In fact, Gisele Bundchen – Tom Brady’s wife – is a multi-millionaire and one of the highest-paid models on the planet.

Photo by Kevin Mazur/WireImage

On top of her busy career and personal life, she’s been very supportive of her husband. After wide receiver Wes Welker’s dropped pass, which was the turning point in the game- during Super Bowl XLVI, she took to Twitter to defend Brady against those blaming him for the loss, saying, “my husband can’t throw and catch the ball.”

Adam Sandler, New York Jets

Actor and comedian Adam Sandler may have more love for the Jets than his celebrity counterparts. It’s pretty obvious that this is the case when the actor plays a role where he buys the team in Mr. Deeds. And, unlike other fans, he has ample reason to be cheering for the team given his roots in Brooklyn.

Adam Sandler

Al Pereira WireImage via Getty Images

He can be regularly seen attending Jets home games, which we can’t say exactly boded well for the team, considering they haven’t won a championship since the 1960s. But, hey, maybe they’ll understand picking quarterbacks that regularly throw interceptions won’t amount to wins.

Phil Mickelson, Los Angeles Chargers

Like many fans, pro golfer and majors champion Phil Mickelson wasn’t jazzed about the Chargers relocation from San Diego to Los Angeles. In fact, according to USA Today, he called out Chargers fans for not having the same dedication he has for the team, which we think is a pretty brutal beat down.

Phil Mickelson

Harry How via Getty Images

“I just wish that all the people in San Diego loved them the way I do and fought a little harder to keep them, but I understand it.” Suffice to say, we think the San Diego native was well-intentioned, but man, have some respect for a city losing its beloved franchise!

Kate Upton, New York Jets

OK, we know she isn’t dating Mark Sanchez -former NFL quarterback- anymore. Maybe that had something to do with the fact that he threw to the other team like it was going out of style. In any case, she was seen going to Jets games during that time. But who knows where her allegiance lies now.

Kate Upton

Joe Robbins via Getty Images

Since it seems like every season is a rebuilding year (not to mention Sanchez’s infamous butt fumble), it’s probably safe to assume she isn’t a big fan anymore. However, that doesn’t mean she has no love for sports in general. She’s been a regular at New York Yankees games, too.

Chad Michael Murray, Buffalo Bills

We haven’t seen much of Chad Michael Murray since playing Lucas Scott on ‘One Tree Hill’, but Murray is well known on social media for his love of the Buffalo Bills. His love for the Buffalo team has even rubbed off on his wife, Sarah Roemer.


In one of Murray’s twitter posts, he recorded a video driving through a blizzard to get to the stadium. It takes a true fan to sit in two feet of snow to watch a football game and we respect the dedication.

Stephen Curry, Carolina Panthers

Despite playing for the Golden State Warriors, Steph Curry is a massive Panthers fan. While he is one of the best basketball players in the world right now, he is also arguably the biggest Carolina Panthers fan, attending many games and constantly posting to twitter about his team.

Photo by MediaNews Group/Bay Area News via Getty Images

In one post, Curry said, “Big time answer TD right there by the Panthers! We are here to play baby. I’m gonna lose my mind by the end of this!”. He would go on to cheer on his team when he said, “That’s how you play football fellas. Gotta finish it and keep the momentum for next week” in another post.

Kid Rock, Detroit Lions

Kid Rock dug his roots pretty deep into Nashville and the surrounding lifestyle, but that never stops him from standing on the Detroit Lions’ sidelines when they come to play in Tennessee.


Kid Rock served as the Lions’ honorary captain at Ford Field and even stood with the captains for the coin toss. It’s always refreshing to see that devout loyalty to a football team based on where they came from and not where they live.

Erin Andrews, Green Bay Packers

One would think that reports have to be unbiased, wouldn’t they? However, Erin Andrew’s father, Steven Andrews, was an enormous Green Bay Packer fan which was passed onto Erin.

Photo by Larry Radloff/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Erin said about her father, “He has no boys, just two daughters, and even the dogs are girls. That was how we used to bond on the couch; we used to root for the Boston Celtics and the Red Sox. Green Bay Packers — because he grew up a Bart Starr fan. So I grew up a Brett Favre fan. That was my connection with my father.”

Ty Burrell, Los Angeles Rams

The ‘Modern Family’ dad has long been a fan of the Rams franchise. Back in 2016, he attended the first LA Rams game after their move from St. Louis, only to leave at half time to rush to the Emmys, according to the LA Times.

Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Ty Burrell has been getting in on the action as much as he possibly can with the Rams. He even attends some practices and the 2014 NFL draft. This guy is one devoted fan, and arguably the most famous Rams fan ever.

Josh Duhamel, Minessota Vikings

Josh Duhamel has always been a Minessota Vikings fan but he never knew how much he actually loved his team until he moved to Los Angeles. It was something about the distance between him and the fans and community that made him miss everything about it so much. Now he is an outspoken celebrity fan.


The Vikings used to be a terrible team but in recent years under coach Zimmer’s leadership, they’ve seemed to turn things around into winning seasons. Josh posted a video of himself explaining why he loved his team so much which can be found on the Vikings website.

Selena Gomez, Dallas Cowboys

Selena Gomez is a Texas native and was even given a custom jersey before the announcement was made about her half-time performance on Thanksgiving day against the Oakland Raiders.

Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

She grew up in Grand Prairie, Texas, so it only makes sense that she still has loyalty to her Cowboys despite living the Hollywood dream these days.

Brooklyn Decker, Carolina Panthers

Brooklyn Decker grew up in a suburb of Charlotte, North Carolina, so the model and actress is a huge fan of the Carolina Panthers. One time, she even took to Twitter to find out how to recreate quarterback Cam Newton’s Coachella outfit.

Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

Her tweet read, “URGENT: Who makes Cam Newton’s Coachella romper, because I want it for myself. @Panthers – can you help a girl out?”. Only a true Panthers fan would go to such lengths to recreate the quarterback’s style.

Brad Paisley, Cleveland Browns

Brady Paisley, a three-time Grammy Award-winning country music star, admitted that he used to dress up as former Browns quarterback Brian Sipe for Halloween when he was young. Despite having grown up in West Virginia, his loyalty to the Cleveland Browns has always been strong.


He also attended the team’s training camp in 2018 where he was interviewed by a reporter about how excited he was for the season while visiting on the sidelines.

Harry Styles, Green Bay Packers

A fun fact you might not know is that Styles got a Packers logo tattooed on his left bicep after losing a bet. Not to mention, wherever he goes, fans catch pictures of him in his Green Bay sweatshirt or other Packers gear.

Twitter via @Blue28Moonlight

In fact, his social media is completely riddled with Packers gear. He’s performed on stage wearing the team’s jersey and even took the ice-bucket challenge for ALS awareness wearing a Green Bay shirt.

Rob Lowe, Indianapolis Colts

Rob Lowe is one of the biggest Colts fans around including non-celebrity fans. Lowe even got to live out a fantasy of his when he got to hang out with Andrew Luck and Reggie Wayne on the field for an episode of ‘Parks and Recreation’.

Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images/Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

In 2010, he and his family watched the Colts win their playoff games for their Super Bowl appearance, and couldn’t help but to be there for the championship game too. Lowe said, “My son Johnny is an ever bigger Colts fan than I am. So we couldn’t fly all the way to Indiana, twice in a row, two weeks in a row, and not come here.”