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Cameron Jordan Continues to Poke Fun at Cam Newton

New Orleans Saints defensive end Cameron Jordan and Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton continued their long rivalry with a bottle of wine.


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The 28-year-old posted a photo of the bottle of the wine on his Instagram as he asked rather redundantly, “Who would I be if I don’t follow through on my word?”

The bottle was sent to the Panthers headquarters and addressed to the quarterback. The wine would have been a nice gesture if not for the fact that the brand name of the product was “Jordan,” as a constant reminder to Newton of who sent them packing.

Jordan made the biggest play during the Saints’ 31-26 win over the Panthers on Sunday’s wildcard playoff game when he mowed two defenders for a deliberate grounding penalty.


Mike McCarn

“I appreciate him for being that good ol’ quarterback,” Jordan said of Newton.  “I’m gonna send him a nice little bottle of Jordan wine. No, it’s not mine, but I have been drinking it for years. So, I’m going to send him some sauce.”

Newton made a good accounting of himself during the wildcard game as he finished with two touchdowns and passed 349 yards. Jordan also defended two passes and sacked the quarterback a couple of times.

Jordan said their strategy was to force Newton into passing rather than allowing the very athletic quarterback to carry the ball.


Big Easy Believer

According to ESPN, since they were both drafted in 2011, Jordan and Newton has developed some kind of rivalry fueled by some trash talking. Earlier this season, the defensive end mocked the quarterback’s sense of style when he called Newton’s romper as a “Coachella onesie.”

When informed of Jordan’s comments, Newton mockingly responded that it’s flattering to note the Saints’ All-Pro player is paying attention to his fashion style. He then promised to send his rival some sauce as a thank you gift.

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