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Panthers QB Cam Newton Posts Mugshot on Anniversary of His ‘Resurrection Day’

On Nov. 21, nine years ago, Panthers quarterback Cam Newton was booked for larceny, burglary and obstructing justice. On Tuesday, the 28-year-old posted on Instagram the police mugshot on the anniversary of his arrest as a sort of reminder to himself about the path that he had been treading.

“I wasn’t just in the holding cell,” Newton said. “If you really look into that picture you seen green and white [color of jumpsuit]. That wasn’t a polo sweater.”

He said it was that day when he realized that he was on the wrong road and have made bad choices.

Newton was arrested for stealing a laptop while he was still a student at the University of Florida. His career has not yet taken off as he served a backup quarterback for the school.

He rightly called Nov. 21, 2008 as his “resurrection day.”

“I call it my resurrection day because a lot of me changed that day, for obvious reasons,” he said. “My biggest scar – in essence, being embarrassed – ended up being my biggest star.”

As a way of explaining his post on his Instagram, Newton said that he was reluctant at first to share his  mugshot photo for the world to see. However, he wanted to be an open book to his fans, and also serve as a cautionary tale for others.

When the mugshot came out, Newton said that he shamed himself and the rest of his family. That’s when he resolved to become a better person. He said the path to redemption wasn’t easy since nobody was really betting on him to change but he persevered and is now known as one of NFL’s top quarterbacks.

That’s why he’s preaching to anybody who will listen to just be themselves and don’t listen to all the negativity. “If I would have listened to those people that said I can’t, who knows where I would be today,” he wrote.

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