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Cal Ripken Jr.’s Mansion Is The Definition Of ‘A Man’s Home Is His Castle’

Long after retiring as baseball’s Iron Man, Cal Ripken, Jr., is putting his house on the market this May. Ripken’s home is full of the amenities you’d expect from a Hall of Famer – and then some. Check out the insane photos and find out what makes this superstar’s piece of Baltimore real estate so special.

Field Of Dreams

Country Living

Of course, there’s a baseball field at Ripken’s mansion. It’s a full-size diamond designed by the Hall of Famer himself. Why not have your very own Field of Dreams?

Home Movie Theater

Watch the latest movies or catch highlights of the Orioles games from the comfort of this home theater room. Not only is it an actual theater with a stage and plush seats, there’s even a candy counter.

Basketball Court

Athlon Sports & Life

If it’s too cold to play baseball outdoors, you could always stay in and shoot some hoops. Grab nine of your closest friends for some 5-on-5 action in the full-court gymnasium.

Year-Round Training

Athlon Sports & Life

In addition to the full-sized baseball field and basketball court, the mansion’s lucky residents can stay fit with a workout in the large gym. Or perfect their swing technique in the batting cages.

Plenty Of Living Space

Athlon Sports & Life

With over 21,000+ square feet of property, the house will never feel crowded. Spread out over six bedrooms and 15 bathrooms, any family should have more than enough space to roam around.

Enjoy The Great Outdoors

Country Living

A bike path and a few hiking trails weave throughout the 24-acre property. There’s even a relaxing one-acre pond with a fishing pier.

Kitchen For Entertaining

The Baltimore Sun

The kitchen features restaurant-quality equipment and enough elbow room to feed an army. A personal chef is not included, but one would certainly feel welcome here.

Take A Dip

Athlon Sports & Life

Go for a swim in the heated pool or hang out with guests at the pool house. It’s always nice to have options for entertaining.

Room To Wander

The Baltimore Sun

With 24 acres of property, there’s plenty of space to wander. You may need GPS to find your way back, but that’s not a bad price to pay for MTV Cribs-style luxury.

Enjoy Life As A Big-Time Athlete

Chances are you’re not enshrined in Cooperstown, but buying Cal Ripken Jr.’s mansion will have you living like a Hall of Famer. From the enormous plot of land to the over-the-top amenities, this multi-million dollar purchase will certainly impress friends and family.

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