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Pay For Play: Cabrera’s Cavalier Lifestyle Comes With A Cost

Miguel Cabrera

(Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images)

We’re really sorry to break this news to you, but some professional athletes aren’t exactly the most doting husbands and fathers you’ll ever meet. In fact, some can be downright scandalous.

Turns out Miguel Cabrera of the Detroit Tigers has been living the carefree life for the last five years and has gone to court in hopes it might minimize the damage it has already caused him.

Well, Cabrera will likely make it the baseball Hall of Fame. But those credentials whiffed with a judge who just dropped a Major League hammer on the guy.

Cabrera fathered two children with a mistress in Florida, but has been trying to convince a court for the last 18 months that those kids – and their mother – don’t deserve the same type of financial support as his wife and their three children receive.

Belkis Rodriguez sued Cabrera in 2017 over child support, saying he left them without adequate sustenance when Mrs. Cabrera figured out what was happening.

Rodriguez argued the children she had with him should receive equal treatment. Makes sense to us. Hey, the two weren’t exactly quiet about their affair. The Detroit Free Press reported Cabrera regularly flew Rodriguez and their kids around the country to see him play.

Ah, but Camelot apparently did not last and Rodriguez has asked that Cabrera, who makes $30 million a year, pay for his play. She figured $100,000 a month seemed about right.

Cabrera’s lawyer countered. He argued the suit wasn’t about money as much as her anger that Cabrera wouldn’t leave his wife.

“Following the birth of the second child, the mother became increasingly incensed by the father’s refusal to leave his wife for her,”  Cabrera’s lawyer, Benjamin Hodas, wrote in a court filing. “The mother would regularly threaten the father to expose their relationship, and children, to his wife and the media, and to file a paternity suit wherein she would seek ‘millions of dollars’ from him.”

Guess who won?

(Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images)

“The court finds that the parties’ children should have the same opportunities as the opportunities that the father provides to his three other children that he and his wife share” Orange County Circuit Court Judge Alan Apte wrote in a ruling last month.

Judge Alpe’s decision resulted from his conclusions about three factors: the needs of the kids, Cabrera’s ability to pay support and what he classified as Cabrera’s “good fortune.”

Alba has ruled Cabrera must pay both allocated and unallocated child support. And just take a look at what this dalliance is going to cost him:

* Pay Rodriguez $20,000 a month in unallocated child support, which means the mom can spend it where ever she wants.

* Rodriguez must be compensated specific expenditures, such as private schooling, health care, extracurricular activities and prescriptions. All she needs to do is send Cabrera the bill.

* Pay off the mortgage of Rodriguez’s nearly $1 million house by July 1.

* Provide the kids annual passes to Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World and Orlando Science Center.

* Maintain a $5 million life insurance policy to benefit both children until the youngest child turns 18.

* Pay Rodriguez $89,581 in unpaid child support by May 1 and attorney fees of $51,206.

A hearing on the final child support agreemeny is scheduled for April 30 and its likely an appeal will follow.

Now, you might have thought this type of behavior would have also cost Cabrera his marriage. But after filing for divorce in April 2017, his wife, Rosangel, decided to stand by her man.

As you might expect, Hodas made Rodriguez out to be someone who cared only the about the money and categorized her demands as something akin to extortion. Hodas also figured Cabrera had done his part by voluntarily agreeing to pay Rodriguez $15,000 a month to care for their son and daughter.

“(Cabrera) attempts to portray (the) mother as some villainous criminal attempting to ‘extort’ him for money … when just the opposite is the case. (She) has made every attempt to work with (the) father over the years regarding child support,” Rodriguez’a lawyer Terry Young argued in court documents.

Young also said Cabrera has been an absentee father, saying he has not seen his children with Rodriguez since the lawsuit was filed even thought a visitation schedule had been hammered out.

Sounds like this is a fastball Cabrera doesn’t want to handle.